Batman Jumps in to Protect Bullied 3-Year-Old


In true superhero style, Batman came to the aid of a three-year-old preschooler who had been the victim of bullying at her school.

Batman came to the aid of a three-year-old who had been the victim of bullying at her school, according to Yahoo.

Yes, folks, Lydia Calculli was walked to her preschool by Batman who told her classmates that he was her “best friend” and would be back to check on her.   

Lydia Calculli came home from school one day with cuts and bruises on her face and a black eye. At first she had been reluctant to open up to her mom, Erica, about what happened but eventually did and told her that she was being bullied by some classmates.

Sadly, this hadn’t been the first time either as Erica had noticed minor cuts on her daughter previously but just assumed it had come from kids being a little too rough.

She told WTSP, “At first it was very minor and I thought it happened just playing around, so I let it go.” But when Lydia came home with a black eye toward the end of August she started to suspect that something was up.

“I took pictures,” Erica said. “She told me that a bunch of girls and one boy hit her and a girl threw a shoe at her eye.” Erica then reported it to the school but seemingly to no avail. Cue Batman.

Erica talked about her daughter’s bullying on social media and Jack Asbury III, an EMT, who also moonlights as a superhero contacted her, “Lydia’s mother and I have been friends for a bit,” Asbury told Yahoo. “I saw her post on Facebook about Lydia having a hard time. I knew she liked superheroes, so I asked if I could walk her to school (as Batman).”

At first, Lydia was a little and nervous at the Dark Knights appearance on her doorstep but when he told her he had a gift for her, a Supergirl outfit, she came out of her shell and happily accepted Batman’s request to walk her to school. “I asked if I could walk her and if she could show me the way (to her school). So she grabbed my hand and led me in,” says Asbury.

It turns out that this wasn’t Asbury’s first rodeo either as he’s made a name for himself in the community by visiting children who could do with some cheering up. The support for Asbury’s selfless work has also led to a Batfund to be set up so that he can continue to help children in the community and support families in need.

Meanwhile, Lydia is doing a lot better according to Asbury who says that she was put in an advanced class and has been “doing great.”