Baby Defies Doctors Wakes up Miraculously After 5-Day Coma, Smiles at Daddy


Watch sweet baby Michael smile at his father when he wakes up from a 5-day coma, defying doctors.


10-month-old Michael Labuschagne is in the fight of his life. Michael was diagnosed with several debilitating heart conditions including a rare heart tumor called cardiac fibroma. At 14-weeks-old parents, Stuart and Emma Labuschagne, rushed the baby to the hospital when his heart stopped.

You can watch more of baby Michael’s miraculous story below. You’ll quickly see he still needs our help!

“Words cannot begin to describe the pain we felt in that moment,” the parents wrote on their GoFundMe page. “We watched our baby breathless, gasping for air while his heart stopped and paramedics worked to save his life. In that moment I did not think Michael would make it through.”

Michael survived the cardiac arrest that left him in a coma. When he woke up five days later with only a 7% chance of survival, he gave his daddy a big smile.

Michael’s parents are now raising money for his surgery. The Boston Children’s Hospital has a great success rate with a treatment that could help Michael recover and live a normal life. You can donate here to support this family in need.