WATCH: Hilarious Baby Cracking up over Daddy Teaching the Alphabet Goes Viral



Baby Winston is quite the little charmer with his adorable personality! This toddler was learning his ABCs when the letter “M” and “W” made him chuckle—uncontrollably.

Nicknamed “Mr. Personality,” Winston’s joy is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Winston Moore was filmed by his mom Kiara Moore, while his dad Pedro Moore was holding the letters. An upside-down “M” and “W” made Winston roll with laughter. Toddlers can begin learning letters as soon as two-years-old.

Actress Jennifer Garner shared Winston’s laugh and the video has been viewed over one million times. Winston appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show and is already a local superstar because of his viral video.

Dad tells Good Morning Amerca, “That was the first time he laughed to that extreme. He’s very enjoyable, likes to be silly, loves to learn. He’s like a sponge when it comes to learning and anything that involved fun, he’s down for.”

Winston enjoys learning, going to church with his parents and playing musical instruments. A baby’s laughter is so contagious, and Winston’s lights up the world. It’s never too early to start learning your ABCs and making it fun! Follow his adventures at @winstontmoore.