‘Smiley’ Baby Born Without Eyes Needs Loving Home After Mom Abandoned Him


Baby with rare condition born without sight is the smiliest baby we've ever seen.


Alexander K was born with a condition that causes babies to be born without eyes. This sweet orphan is one of three babies ever reported to have this condition. Alexander K also is known as Sasha is a Russian orphan.

His mother gave him up due to not being able to take care of him. A nurse shares about Sasha: “He is no different to other children, he plays and smiles just like any healthy baby. He loves playing and adores swimming. He is a very cheerful baby indeed.”

Sasha’s nurse recently took him to St. Petersburg where doctors placed orbs in his eyes to prevent facial deformities. Sasha is up for adoption, due to international adoption limitations they are hoping a Russian couple can adopt him.

Sasha is one of the thousands of orphans in the country. He has many other physical ailments, and his road to recovery is long. Praying for this sweet baby, who is deemed always “smiling” because of his joy and happiness.