Baby Abandoned in Sweltering Heat Hours After Birth Miraculously Found


A miracle baby abandoned on a neighboorhood porch in sweltering heat survives, handed over to police.


Terrell Phillips found an abandoned baby on his porch in 90-degree weather. The newborn baby, with umbilical cord still attached, looked like it had been surviving there for hours. The parents are facing reckless abandonment charges if found. Legally you can leave a baby at a hospital or police station, without facing charges, but this was not the case.

“I thought it was some sort of animal or something in there at first, but when I saw a little arm I walked over and saw the baby,” Phillips reported to NBC Philadelphia. “She was sleeping. No crying. Very quiet. She was just there.”

“When I picked the baby up and opened the towel up the baby still had the umbilical cord on her,” Phillips shared. Phillips was horrified that anyone would do this. By a miracle, the baby looked relatively healthy with minimal physical injuries.

Once the story was released, people poured in with support ready to adopt her. What a precious turn of events. The Upper Darby Police tweeted, “While we appreciate the outpouring of support the UDPD is not involved in this process, please only call with pertinent information that may identify the family of the child.” The 15-year-old mother eventually did come forth and will be going to court and hopefully receiving counseling.