Maria Baltazzi, PhD

About Maria Baltazzi, Ph.D., specializing in Conscious-Centered Living

Emmy-winning TV Producer, one of the original producers on CBS’ Survivor. After years in the entertainment industry, shooting in locations around the world, Maria began studying Happiness as a way to deal with the stressful demands of producing. Today, she works with professionals, especially those in entertainment, to uplevel the quality of their lives. She speaks about Happiness, leads workshops, transformational travel trips, and retreats. Teaches Mindfulness, Primordial Sound Meditation, and Prayer of the Heart, as well as Restorative Yoga. Maria still develops and produces media projects, now more sanely. When not traveling, she lives in Los Angeles, devoting her time to creating inner and outer journeys for a greater good. Founder of The Sojourn Experience. She curates a biweekly inspirational newsletter, “8 Good Things,” and can be found on her website: