WATCH: Life-Long Atheist Comes to Jesus, Only Has Days to Live


A life-long atheist was baptized in a hospital pool after turning to God with only days left to live.


This baptism will touch your heart and give you hope. Maybe it’s the hope you have for a loved one to come to know Jesus. Watch this clip of Thomas Roberts, a life long self-declared atheist, recognize Jesus as his savior through baptism. 

Thomas was in the final days of stage four lung cancer. He decided that he wanted to be water baptized, to show that he was now following Jesus. He wanted his whole body submerged under the waters of God’s grace to tell outwardly of the inward confession he had made to follow Christ.

Thomas was in a wheelchair and dependent on oxygen, so this request seemed impossible. He was being held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, where the staff found a way to get him baptized. Thomas celebrated with his friends and family that day.

His sister Gina shared, “It brings me complete comfort and peace because I know where he is going now, I don’t have to worry about it.” Now there will be great joy just knowing where he is going.” Thomas ended up passing away 6 days later. Gina recounted, “He is at peace. He was born again. You could see that on his face after the baptism. He was born again.”

If this is your prayer that a loved one may know Jesus, we come in agreement with you now. Believing that God can do anything—He is the God of the impossible, turning hardened hearts to Him. God can bring even the furthest person away from Him, and pursue them back with His love just like he did for Thomas.