Watch as Agnostic Teens Accept Christ in Stunning Street Conversion


An American evangelistic ministry has released a powerful video of two agnostic teens accepting Christ on the streets of Bristol, England.

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Will Maule

An American evangelistic ministry has released a powerful video of two British teenagers coming to Christ on the streets of Bristol, England. The pair, who were keen to engage with the American preacher, said they were self-described “agnostics” but “open to the idea” of faith.

“Does anyone here want to pray for God to save them?” asked evangelist and Director of Torch of Christ Ministries, Phillip Blair, during an outreach event earlier this week.

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As he turned around, Blair was met by the two teenage boys, Joe and Matthias, who, after a brief yet searching discussion, decided they wanted to give their lives to Jesus.

“I wanna see [what it’s all about],” said Matteus when Blair gently asked if they would like to enter into a relationship with God.

“I’ll do it, I’m open,” Joe responded firmly. When asked if his parents believed anything, the thoughtful young man responded that his parents weren’t Christians, before boldly qualifying, “I don’t follow what they follow.”

Despite Blair getting caught up with various other discussions and engaging with people who vehemently disagreed with the Christian worldview, it was amazing to see this group of teenagers waiting patiently, listening and taking it all in.

Clearly, these sixteen-year-olds were looking for Jesus, even if they didn’t quite know it yet—God was very much at work!

Prayers for transformation

“Christianity is not found in a single prayer, you have to give your heart to God and say ‘help me to know you and to love you,’” Blair explained to the teenagers, as they nodded along. “If you pray to Him, God will give you healing over time.”

Then, looking to encounter Jesus, the group joined hands and prayed in what was a stunning scene of an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

“Today I choose to believe in you, please forgive me for my sins,” the boys declared along with Blair. “I am created in your image. Give me a new heart, put your spirit inside of me. Jesus, I confess you as Lord. Help me to live for you every day. Help me to read my Bible and to pray. I give you my heart, my soul, my mind and my strength. In Jesus name, Amen.”

After praying a prayer of protection over the pair of youngsters, Blair urged them to stay “fed and discipled” by connecting with his spiritual content online and joining a local church—he even pointed out someone he knows who pastors a church in the city.

In addition, the evangelist offered to give the boys a Bible each to read and encouraged them to download a Bible app. “You have to feed your soul,” he said, as the boys listened attentively. “Read the New Testament. Let God talk to you, speak to you and show you things.”

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Blair added: “Your soul will be hungry for more truth. Whether the world thinks you’re crazy or not, you will know down to your core that you have found the answers you are looking for.”

“You have been given spiritual eyes to see the truth!”

Amen! God bless this man and these incredible young men who were clearly compelled by the love of Christ. May they walk with God for the rest of their days.