Adopted Son Repays Poor Couple Who Took Him in by Giving Them Their Dream Life, Credits God


Adopted into a poor family in the Philippines, a young man does everything he can to repay the couple that brought him home.

At 3-months-old Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was taken in by a hard-working couple who worked as a vendor and a porter in poverty-stricken Bocaue, Bulacan, in the Philippines. “Nanay” and “Tatay” welcomed the infant into their home, where he joined the family of eight in their 215-square-foot apartment. This was the home where Jayvee grew up. He worked while he earned his education and survived with very little. His parents labored around the clock to afford meals for their large family, who sometimes could only ration enough to eat twice a day.

Pictures of Jayvee’s childhood home revealed a crowded, dark apartment with concrete floors and minimal plumbing. Mattresses were laid directly on the ground in a single room. Photographs showed family members gathered together eating rice from plates nestled in their laps because a table was simply an unaffordable luxury. Nanay and Tatay could not offer Jayvee a life of abundance or certainty but they made up for the shortcomings by raising him with an outpouring of love and generosity, even on their most difficult days.

"Ang aming tahanan ay larawan ng kahirapan, larawan ng isang pamilyang nagsisikap na makamtam ang pangarap."Buong puso kong ibinabahagi sa inyo ang kwento ng aming paglalakbay sa masaganang buhay. Nag-uumapaw sa pananabik ang aking pamilya sa paglipat namin sa bagong tahanang matatawag naming 'amin'.

Posted by Jayvee Lazaro Badile II on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Growing up in a world where convenience and indulgence were only dreams to this child, Jayvee remained humble and ever-so-grateful for the family that took him in as their own. His keen awareness of the precious gift he’d been given created a desire for Jayvee to pay it back beyond his family’s wildest dreams.

Nanay and Tatay committed to raise a child they hardly had the means to feed. It was this that instilled the goodness of unconditional love in him, forever changing Jayvee’s life and perspective.

His dedication to earn an education and subsequently join the workforce with a strong purpose and a passion, led Jayvee down a road of success. He attained record-breaking prosperity in the life insurance industry and quickly made a name for himself. With this, Jayvee vowed to repay his parents for the kindness they had bestowed upon him so many years before.

In late November of 2019, Jayvee posted a photo to Facebook sharing the groundbreaking ceremony for a home he had pledged to build for his parents, along with the caption, “Tomorrow is going to be one of the most historic and important days in my life. We will finally and officially transfer to our new home! I can’t hide my joy, excitement and tears for tomorrow’s house blessing. It’s also my family’s first time to see the actual house. Thank You, Lord!”

In the weeks that followed, Jayvee shared photos of a finished modernly sleek mansion, with palm trees and a gated drive. Soon after, they celebrated their first Christmas together in the new home with a massive spread of delectable food and genuine smiles. His excitement surrounding this hard-earned chapter for his loved ones was unquestionable. “I paid for the house in cash and it was built in a year. It has seven bedrooms, and we didn’t bring anything from the old place except the TV I bought for my family as a Christmas gift earlier.” Jayvee also praised God for the blessings he has experienced and the opportunity to provide and share this lifestyle with his family—just as they provided for him as a child.

Today, Jayvee’s adoptive parents no longer spend their days working, exhausted and desperate. Jayvee has gifted them with world-wide travel but most importantly the time and beautiful space to enjoy the very people they worked so hard to raise. In a world where money can buy so many unnecessary luxuries, Jayvee has managed to spend his riches in a way that celebrates the true meaning of family—togetherness and gratitude.