Abortions Drop to Lowest Rate Since Roe v. Wade


The national abortion rate has hit an all-time low in the past 40 years since Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973. What do researchers claim is responsible for the rapid drop?

The national abortion rate is has hit an all-time low according to a report by Guttmacher Institute. The report outlines the rates of abortion over the past 40 years beginning from Roe vs. Wade which legalized abortion in 1973 according to Washington Post.

Researchers sought to identify key contributors to the drop in abortions. The research appears to show no clear correlation between efforts to restrict abortions and the dropping rates. States that have stricter restrictions and those that were more supportive both some steady decline at a similar pace. Some attribute the increased use and education on contraceptives, therefore leading to fewer pregnancies thus fewer pregnancy terminations.

 There appears to be no clear pattern between efforts to ban or restrict abortion and the continuing decline in abortion rates, which has been ongoing for nearly 40 years. The declines were seen across regions and in states that are more supportive of abortion rights as well as those that are more restrictive.

Although the general trend shows a consistent decline on a macro-level. On a micro-level, some states which dropped in the number of clinics show a slightly sharper decline, as noted by Relevant. But vetting upon research across state-by-state, even locations with an uptick in abortion clinics saw a decline in abortion. Washington Post quotes Guttmacher’s conclusions stating “the concurrent expansion of abortion care and decrease in abortion rates was taking place in the context of an increase in comprehensive health care.”

Common to most health-care studies, the data covers only up to 2017, therefore it does not include the effect of unprecedented state efforts this year increasing abortion restrictions within 6 weeks.