Abandoned Puppy Finds Comfort With Baby Jesus, and Now We’re Crying


The heartwarming moment of an abandoned German shepherd puppy finding safety at the feet of Jesus is the best thing you'll see all day.

Thank goodness this adorable scene of an abandoned puppy finding comfort snuggled up with baby Jesus from 2008 just went gone viral again!

The purr-fect moment was first captured in Criciúma, Brazil, in 2008 after a sweet German shepherd puppy desperate for a safe place to rest on a cold and rainy day found just that and more in a southern Brazil city square.

Abandoned by his owners, the pup gravitated to one of the city’s Nativity scenes, finding a safe resting place at the feet of baby Jesus.

The moment immediately drew the attention of hundreds as they walked past the display, many snapping photos of the wholesome scene; with one family, in particular, stopping to give the lonely puppy a new forever home.