93-Year-Old Man Found Hitchhiking Amidst Pandemic—You Will Love His Excuse!


While driving, this guy saw an elderly man hitchhiking on the side of the road. Stopping to help, the driver was blown away at why the elderly man was out.

A few weeks ago, real estate agent, Richard Farmer was driving when he came across an elderly man on the corner with his thumb out.  His Facebook post described their encounter:

“I left the office today to go home and grab a quick bite to eat when I saw this elderly man standing with his walker at the corner of San Marino Drive and Lake San Marcos with his thumb out?” Richard said.

Shocked, Richard quickly made a u-turn to see if the elderly gentleman was OK. Once back to the corner where the man was, Richard got out of his truck and yelled over to the gentleman asking him if he needed some assistance. The man replied that he was trying to get to the 99 cent store about a mile and a half away.

“My first thought was this guy was trying to get some food so I decided to spring into action,” Richard explained. With a willing heart, Richard spent the next 15 minutes “wiping down the handles, seats, dashboards, etc with my Clorox wipes” while the elderly man stood on the sidewalk.

After thoroughly sanitizing everything, Richard “put on [his] trusty blue gloves and mask gave him some hand sanitizer and off we went.”

Once on the road, Richard had a few questions. He wasn’t expecting such an endearing story from the man now seated in his passenger seat.

“How old are you? 93.”

“What’s your name? Mike.”

“Are you married? Yes, my wife is 94 her name is Doris.”

“Does she know you’re gone? Nope, she probably hasn’t even started looking for me yet.”

“Why are we going to the 99 cent store? My wife and I like to share a Hersey chocolate bar every night and we’re out so I need to buy 35 Hersey Bars.”

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, people have been finding comfort in routines. Mike and his wife have found comfort in sharing some chocolate every evening, and that’s why he just had to get to the 99 cent store. Richard’s story continued:

“We hustled into the store, bought 35 bars of creamy chocolate and got him back home.”

When Richard asked Mike what he was going to tell his wife when she asked where it came from Mike simply responded: “he was going to tell her he met this real nice real estate who gave him a ride.”

Before they parted ways Richard gave Mike his business card and said, “next time to need some chocolate no need to try and hitch ride, just give me a call and I look forward to meeting Doris.”

A new friendship was made in the quest to get 35 chocolate bars. Hershey also said they are looking forward to connecting with these two gentlemen “to send them both something sweet.”