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‘90s Christian Kid Throwbacks You Could Never Forget


These '90s Christian kid throwbacks are going to make you seriously nostalgic. From "Veggie Tales" to "The Prince of Egypt," take an exciting trip into the past!
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Sunday School in the ’90s. Kids today will never know the greatness they missed out on.

The ’90s were a simpler time. We played outside, social media was a meaningless concept and a phone was considered “smart” if it lacked a cord. Want a flashback to Sunday School memories in all their ’90s glory? Check out this list of Christian kid throwbacks!

1. "Veggie Tales"

Computer animation was groundbreaking in the ’90s and “Veggie Tales” proved to tell Bible stories in the coolest possible way. No one was more adorable dressed in Old Testament clothes as Junior Asparagus. His voice? The cutest!

2. “Adventures in Odyssey”

Before our current glory days of podcasts, “Adventures in Odyssey” defined radio storytelling. Nothing brightened up a long car ride quite like tales of Mr. Whittaker offering up advice (and some delicious Whit’s End ice cream) to any kid in need of help. When “Adventures in Odyssey” expanded to cartoon VHS tapes, things started getting good. However, its true cultural peak was reached when we started finding “Adventures in Odyssey” toys in our Chick-Fil-A kids meals!

3. WWJD Bracelets

What list of ’90s Christian throwbacks would be complete without a shout-out to WWJD bracelets? These handy reminders helped guide the wearer to consider “What would Jesus do?” when faced with moral quandaries. Initially, the colorful cloth woven bracelets were all the rage, but eventually WWJD fashion expanded to other bracelet styles and onto merchandise of all sorts. Shout out to the sequel, FROG bracelets! (AKA, fully rely on God.)

4. Salvation Bracelet

Before WWJD bracelets took over our wrists, the most popular Christian bracelet was the colorful pony-bead Salvation bracelet. Easy enough to make during Sunday School craft time, these fashion statements also offered up handy ways to tell the story of salvation to anyone who would listen.

5. Sign Language and Worship Songs

Nothing quite livened up worship songs like adding sign language to the scene. The best song to be brightened up with sign language was “Our God is an Awesome God.” When you were singing and signing in unison, you felt like the coolest kids on the block.

6. The Donut Man

Really digging deep into your earliest Sunday School days, pre-school appropriate sing-along tapes featuring The Donut Man, The Donut Repair Club and (everyone’s favorite donut) Duncan, featured catchy songs reminding kids that “life without Jesus was like a donut, cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart.”

7. "Psalty the Singing Song Book"

Another classic kids VHS series featured Psalty and his musical family, Psaltina, Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. Psalty was known to show up both on your TV screen and on stage at children’s church musicals in all his blue book glory.

8. Harvest Festivals

In Christian circles, the jury was out on if celebrating Halloween was a good idea. However, everyone was down to show up at the church Harvest Festival. Kids dressed up, candy abounded, pumpkins and fall leaves decorated the scene… But everyone knew this was NOT a Halloween celebration. (Although I’m still not sure what exactly made it any different?) Harvest Festival peak glory was reached when you managed to win the cake walk and get a ride on the hay ride!

9. "The Prince of Egypt"

Nothing was more exciting than when Sunday School stories reached the big screen in 1998 with the theatrical release of “The Prince of Egypt.” Driving to the movie theater, eating a big bag of popcorn and singing along with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, you felt like Christianity was having a major mainstream moment.

10. "McGee and Me!"

Last, but certainly not least, peak ’90s Christian culture was achieved when your Sunday School teacher popped a “McGee and Me!” tape in the VCR. Nicholas’ elaborate Rube Goldberg mousetrap-like invention had you hooked the moment the intro music began to play. You watched in amazement as his McGee drawing sprung to life off the page and you were enthralled in the adventures of the Martin family and their gang of friends.

Ah, Sunday School in the ’90s. Kids today will never know the greatness they missed out on.