9 Charities That Are Creatively Making a Difference




9 Charities That Are Creatively Making a Difference


Looking for a cause you can get behind? These charities are helping out in cool and unique ways all over the world. Give it up for giving back!


After the bills are paid, setting aside money for donations can be difficult. But if you find a charity you’re passionate about, donating is very rewarding—and can change a life. Yes, money is always needed, but donating isn’t the only way to get involved. Volunteering can be just as impactful. Check out our list of cool charities making a big impact and be inspired to join in. You won’t regret it!

One of our favorite charities? VisionSpring. The organization partners with Warby Parker to bring eyeglasses to developing nations. After purchasing glasses from Warby Parker, the company donates a portion of its profits to provide eyewear for people in developing countries.

A single pair of glasses increases monthly income and productivity for the wearer, which can be life-changing for someone in poverty. Next time you need a pair of glasses, consider this partnership—and they’re super cute styles!—as a way to make your purchase go beyond your own needs.

Another charity we love is perfect for literature lovers. First Book is a non-profit that provides new books, learning materials and other essentials to children in need. Books of every level are delivered into the hands of kids without easy access to books. Plus, whenever you buy from their First Book Marketplace, your purchase benefits the charity.

Don’t forget to learn about the heart-warming charity, Patriot Paws. It trains and provides service dogs at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTSD. Whether you are passionate about supporting our troops, or are simply a dog enthusiast, this non-profit will get you hooked on its good work.

Watch the video above to learn about even more charities you’ll love. And who knows, you may help change a life! Let these stories inspire you—or find the need in your own community to make a difference.