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8 Ways You Can Combat Fatigue


Fatigue can damper your entire day, resulting in unproductivity. When fatigue happens to make its way into your day, here are some helpful ways to combat it.
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Did you know that one of the number one causes of daytime headaches is actually dehydration?

Here are eight ways to help combat fatigue:

1. Drink Enough Water.

Did you know that one of the number one causes of daytime headaches is actually dehydration? Being dehydrated can not only cause headaches, but it can also leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. So, start your morning with a big glass of water and keep drinking water throughout the day.

2. Cut Back on the Caffeine.

A lot of you aren’t going to like this one, but cut back on the caffeine. While it does provide an initial energy boost, it can leave us feeling even more fatigued later in the day (especially if that caffeine is filled with fatty milk and lots of sugar). Caffeine also dehydrates your body; however, if you can’t give up that morning cup, at least make sure it’s free of sugar and that you’re drinking even more water to compensate.  Also, Forbes Magazine reported the optimal times to drink your coffee; time your coffee breaks “between 9:30 – 11:30 in the morning, 1:30 in the afternoon, and 5:00 in the evening” as this “takes advantage of the dips in your cortisol levels when you need a boost the most.” According to the research, “the best times to drink coffee are when your cortisol levels naturally dip.”

3. Engage in Physical Activity.

It’s no surprise that we’re a big proponent of exercise here at Faithful Workouts. Getting up and moving your body and starting your day with a workout really can make all the difference. Thirty minutes a day is recommended to reap all the health benefits of exercise, but even fifteen minutes over your lunch break can do wonders for your energy levels.

4. Watch What You Eat.

If you’re starting your day off with a giant pastry and huge coffee, your body is not going to bode well later in the day. We’ve all know the feeling we get after going out to a big lunch and then having to come back to the office when simply all we want to do is nap. To avoid the mid-afternoon crash, avoid high fat, high carb/sugar breakfasts and lunches, and make sure you’re getting your protein in. Try snacking more often throughout the day with foods like almonds, apples, turkey roll-ups, berries, organic beef jerky, etc.

5. Communicate with God Throughout Your Day.

Nothing gives me energy like saying a quick prayer or listening to some uplifting music. God says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, so pray to Him for energy and strength throughout your day.

6. Laugh More.

It sounds silly, but a good laugh really can change the whole direction of your day. Whether you take five minutes to talk to a close (and funny) friend or read a few jokes over your morning coffee or lunch break, take a second to laugh!

7. Get Up and Move.

This is especially important if you work at a desk and sit in one position all day. Take a second to jog up and down the stairs a few times, or even just make a habit to stand and stretch every thirty minutes — whatever works for you!

8. Do Something That Scares You or Makes You Uncomfortable.

This one might sound strange, but the fact of the matter is that routine — while helpful — can also make us feel entrapped and enslaved. The same thing everyday? Doing the same thing everyday make anyone feel bored and tired. So change up your routine! Invite someone to lunch or ask someone if you can pray for them — whatever it is, challenge yourself to get out of your desk and out of your comfort zone.