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8 Underrated Christian Rappers You Should Be Listening to


Christian rap uses positive and uplifting messages to promote faith. Here are some up and coming rappers that you should start listening to.


Christian rap, also known as Gospel rap, has evolved a lot in recent years. Christian rap emphasizes the use of positive and uplifting messages to promote faith and belief in a higher power. This genre continues to grow due to the success of the top Christian hip hop artists.

Here is a list of the artists who may be the next big thing:

1. S.O.

S.O. has been in the game since releasing his debut album “So It Begins,” in 2011. In 2016, he completed his album trilogy when he released “So It Ends.” This Nigerian-born, London-based rapper has nowhere to go but up and already has the support of Christian rap’s reigning prince, Lecrae, who is featured on the track “Radical.”

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2. Swoope

Swoope’s urgent beats could rival any mainstream rapper on the scene today, but his lyrics stay rooted in his faith, likely due to the influence of his pastor mother.  Swoope has been mysteriously out of the spotlight since the release of his latest album “Sinema,” in 2014, but given his devotion to upping his game with each release, it’s safe to say Swoope is cooking up something impressive.

3. Json

“Can’t you see he’s making me over… I’m not who I used to be,” Json sings with the help of his fellow faith artist Tedashii. Json’s uplifting lyrics may skew a little more pop than many of his contemporaries, but his hopeful spirit is evidenced in nearly every track he’s released in his 11-year career.  Given his veteran status, we think it’s time Json gets the attention his rich artistry deserves.

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4. Bizzle



Bizzle certainly doesn’t shy away from his faith with such tracks as “I’m a Christian” and “Sin No More.” No stranger to controversy, in 2010 Bizzle came out of the gate swinging with his debut single “You Got Some Explaining to Do” which addressed Jay-Z’s negative remarks toward Jesus and the Christian community. Since then Bizzle has reliably dropped a new album every year, so we should be seeing a new offering from him very soon.

5. Viktory

Viktory can take any beat and make it his own, as evidenced by his rhymes’ furious velocity on the manic single “Drop It.” This revolutionary track proves Viktory is not afraid to push the boundaries of what a Christian song is supposed to sound like. And in the hip hop world it’s not often we hear lyrics like, “Every single soul, gotta get them home, gotta pull your weight, can’t get it wrong.” Viktory may very well be changing the game—in all the right ways.

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6. Propaganda

At the age of 37, Propaganda could serve as the “wise old soul” of the Christian hip hop world. Having previously worked as a youth pastor, Propaganda has clearly been devoted to reaching America’s youth for over 15 years. Since he began his music career in 2002, Propaganda has always challenged what constitutes a typical Christian song, but he’s also not afraid to slow down and explore his introspective side on more soulful tracks such as “Conquer” and “Lofty.”

7. Sevin

Perhaps the hardest working artist on this list, Sevin has released 17 studio albums since 1999. Raised in the church by minister parents, Sevin has never been one to shy away from his devout faith. “Righteous War” boasts a simple refrain that repeats “My life is yours” over an intense baseline. Humility is rarely showcased in the hip hop world, but Sevin bridges the gap beautifully.

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8. Flame

Perhaps the most well-known artist on this list, Flame has yet to reach the heights he surely could have in a more secular realm. Flame knows how to construct a catchy chorus amid ever-escalating beats that dare you not to be inspired. The young talent continues to follow his heart and keep Jesus at the forefront of his rhymes and clearly the music industry is taking notice. In 2009, Flame received his first Grammy nomination.