8 Things to Do for Your Mother on Mother’s Day


Lavish her with love, fun, quality time and intentionality this Mother's Day with one of these honoring and present gestures. We promise that she'll love it! 

Are you stumped this Mother’s Day? Can’t quite figure out the perfect gift for mom or the perfect gesture of love?  We’ve been there too! So, we wanted to help with some great ideas that we know your mom with love.

1. Bake dessert together


Here’s one to try! Buttery, sweet and bursting with berries, this rustic crostata is a dream come true. This mixed berry pastry is so simple to make that you’ll have dessert whipped up in no time. The dough can be made ahead of time, chilled or even frozen, making it an easy go-to if you need a quick and delicious treat. When making this crostata, feel free to substitute seasonal fruits such as peaches, strawberries or plums to ensure fresh, sweet and tasty results.

Click here for the full recipe!

2. Treat her to a proper pamper session

Splurge for the full mani and pedi, the massage, the blow-out, the facial or even the works! And if you’re feeling extra into it, book a make-up artist and a photographer to document your mother’s never-ending beauty.

3. Give her a much needed day off

Do the grocery shopping, the errands, the carpool shuttles. Give her the priceless gift of time.

4. Book someone to deep clean her house

This is the greatest gift of all time. You might actually see her cry real tears once she sees her sparkling stove restored to its virgin beauty. Never underestimate a woman’s disdain for cleaning the inside of a microwave either.

5. Get the movie, grab the popcorn and cuddle-up for a binge session

Movies to Watch with Mom This Mother's Day

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We even have some great film ideas to get you started…

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6. Get a photo shoot done of the whole family

Literally, this is every mother’s dream come true. Do it! Just maybe pass on the matching shirts…

7. Splurge for the trip of a lifetime or a fun weekend trip

LightWorkers Iceland guide

Image courtesy of Richard Pardon., Used By Permission.

We recommend Iceland or Santa Barbara. Both are a delicious treat and so unbelievably restful.

Click to view our travel guides for Iceland and Santa Barbara

8. Take her to a farmer’s market or on a unique vintage treasure hunt

She’ll love the time together talking amongst the beauty of truly special finds. Make a whole day of it, where the only goals are quality time and adventure. Okay, also perhaps some great street food, too!