8 Dynamite Christian Vloggers You Should Be Watching


Seeking to add more authenticity into your devotionals? Need some inspiration to approach your faith anew? Check out these YouTubers today.


YouTube offers highly consumable videos focused on an array of topics. If you’re interested in something, YouTube is the go-to place to find out more about it. Given the incredible diversity of videos, we’re loving the emerging genre of Christian inspirational and devotional insights that can be found on YouTube. Here’s a run-down of our favorite Christian vloggers who offer up a heavy dose of inspiration, as well as down-to-earth tips to make everyday living a bit easier.

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson has matured into a rockstar public speaker, author and social media influencer after growing up in front of the camera on reality TV’s Duck Dynasty. Her YouTube channel boasts over a quarter-million followers who tune in regularly. Have you ever wondered any of the following questions: How do I make time for God? How can I keep my faith stay strong during trials? How can I balance having a romantic relationship with my relationship with God? Check out this video for Sadie’s tips!

Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis’ standout success of her books like Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing has catapulted her into being a powerful media influencer to both Christian and non-Christian women alike. We love her YouTube channel, My Chic Life, for its practical lifestyle tips and warm authenticity. She’s got so many great uploads, but we love this video featuring five tips to improve your marriage—it’s well worth the four minutes to watch.

Kytia L’amour

We love Kytia L’amour, a regular contributor to LightWorkers’ online devotional series. Of course, we’re also in love with her personal YouTube channel. No topic is off limits for Kytia. She’s very open about overcoming adversity in her past, the challenges of maintaining a Christian relationship and how she’s always trying to deepen her personal spiritual practices. If you’ve always wanted to try fasting, but need some tips, check out this video:

Jefferson Bethke

Spoken poetry is a powerful form of worship and thanks to YouTube, there’s a growing appreciation for the art form. Jefferson Bethke’s balance of honesty and artistry has gained him over 700,000 fans who love to hear his messages about family, dating, parenting and more. In recent years, Jefferson has moved towards a more traditional vlogging approach, but we’ll always be fans of his old school spoken word messages like this one:

Jordan Lee Dooley

Interested in trying Bible journaling? Do you want to keep God at the center of a long-distance relationship? Are you seeking out your dream job? Jordan Lee Dooley’s channel may be perfect for you. Her YouTube channel is an organic extension of her massive following from her popular podcast, SHE. Her brand-new bestselling book Own Your Everyday proves Dooley’s reach as a mixed-media Christian influencer is incredibly strong. Subscribe today, she’s about to be your new best friend.

Coffee and Bible Time

Coffee and Bible Time hosts Ashley and Taylor curate an incredible sense of coziness for the over 100,000 subscribers who watch their channel regularly. Pour yourself a warm mug of coffee and curl up on the couch to gain tips for deepening your Christian mediation practice and ideas for how to authentically share your faith with those around you. If you want to orient yourself back to God every morning, check out this morning routine video!

 Andrea Denise

Andrea Denise’s YouTube channel covers so many topics. From hair tips to devotionals, vegetarian tips to Christian dating… Andrea’s insights are broad and always helpful. If you are looking to take your quiet time to the next level, check out this video:

Roma Downey + LightWorkers

Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to invite you to follow LightWorkers’ very own YouTube channel as well. Roma Downey + LightWorkers post short videos every few days dedicated to celebrating the good all around us. Uplifting videos ultimately point to God’s amazing love for His creation, so you’ll want to subscribe today.