7 Must-See Lauren Daigle Worship Sets to Uplift Your Spirit Today


May these must-see worship sets by Lauren Daigle awaken a deeper spiritual hunger for Christ while soothing and uplifting your spirit in powerful ways.

1. ‘You Make Me Brave’ Bethel Music Cover

A powerhouse song in its own right, but given a soulful gritty edge by Daigle that will really bless you.

2. ‘Look Up Child’ on Jimmy Fallon

Daigle brought her soulful worship to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and it will not disappoint!

3. ‘Trust in you’ on Good Morning America

Continuing her mainstream media worship sets, here is Daigle calling on the power of God during a recent performance on Good Morning America.

4. ‘You Say’ on SirusXM

This performance for SirusXM is intimate, raw and will beautifully get under your skin.

5. ‘Wake’ Hillsong Young & Free Cover

Daigle’s Hillsong Young & Free cover of ‘Wake’ will amp you up and shake off that spiritual slumber, awakening a deep hunger for His presence.

6. ‘Lord, I Need You’ Matt Maher Cover

Continuing in the theme of awakening a deeper spiritual hunger for Christ, this acoustic Matt Maher cover will remind you of how simple, profound and beautiful our need of Jesus, His grace and His presence in our lives really are.

7. ‘This is Amazing Grace’ Phil Wickham Cover

We can’t leave this gem off the list. After all, this is what it’s all about—His love poured out for us so that we might be free and seated with Him in heavenly places all the days of our lives for His glory!