7 Christian Rappers That Need to Be on Your Playlist


With the copious amounts of musical talent on the internet, we decided to create a cheat sheet of the best up and coming Christian rap artists. Enjoy!


Music is one of life’s most beautiful gifts to humanity. It has the ability to bridge cultures, calm nerves and relieve stress. One of the best ways that music can unite people together is through storytelling. Hip-hop, even more specifically rap, does a phenomenal job of weaving a picture through rhymes and beats that could not be told any other way. Christian hip-hop has evolved tremendously in the last few years. It has really come out of the box that people have tried to place it in by jumping from secular to Christian realms. 

Some real champions of this crossing of genres are people like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Kirk Franklin and most recently Kanye West. Collaborating with secular artists while still sharing their faith, good messages and light has allowed for them to reach much wider audiences and in turn spread Christ’s love much further. These artists have paved a beautiful road to show that you don’t necessarily have to be a “Christian artist” to profess faith or God’s love which has opened the door for Christian and secular artists to be bolder in their faith. Below is a list of up and coming artists who are achieving that goal—spreading light, love and Jesus Christ to the world through their craft.

1. Eashon Burgundy

Anton Eashon Hairston or better known as Eashon Burgundy is no stranger to the hip-hop scene. He has been pursuing his music career since 2000 and has collaborated with musical greats such as Andy Mineo and JGivens. Eashon not only has an ear for great beats, he also write lyrics that move his listeners based on his personal story. Eashon had a near death experience when he was 15 being shot 3 times in his hometown of Philadelphia. Soon after this experience he turned his life over to Christ and has been on fire spreading God’s word with truth and honesty ever since.

2. Canon

Aaron Mccain or Canon has been destined for greatness ever since he began his musical career in 2012. He met Derek Minor and Lecrae while he attended a college in Memphis, Tennessee. He went on to tour with Lecrae even becoming his hype man. Canon’s first successful album Loose Canon 2 reached the billboard top 100, but it wasn’t without extreme adversity. Coming off the heels of his successful first album Canon had a large accident that led to some medical challenges. Even with roadblocks in his way Canon still continued to release positive music. Canon’s style is reflective of his name. He has a very fast rap just like a loose cannon similar to Busta Rhymes with strong faith laced into every line.

3. Kobe Foy

Kobe Foy is from Reading, Pennsylvania. He began his music career in high school when he would have rap battles with his friends at lunch. His life and his music completely changed after attending Kutztown University when he gave his life to Christ. Kobe is best known for his comfortable rhythm and his dexterous rhymes. For example, “…I just trust the process like I’m Joel Embiid/ Dreams cost money, but remember hope is free/ Money ain’t my master, one day it’s gon’ serve me/ The bird gets the worm only when that bird’s early, YAH!”

4. Tobe Nwigwe

Tobechukwu Nwigwe or best known as Tobe is a Nigerian-American hip-hop artist based in Houston, Texas. Tobe has a sound like no other; his music is so potent you will not need coffee in the morning. Take a listen to my favorite song by him Jockin and you will be wide-awake. It won’t just be the unique sound and fun beat that wake you up but his words will leave your jaw on the floor and give new meaning to the word woke.

5. Hulvey

Hulvey may be a name you don’t yet know, but one thing is for certain, by the end of 2020 you will definitely know his name. Hulvey, fresh in the music business having just signed with Reach Records has an undeniably clear and mature sound. His killer flow didn’t come overnight; Hulvey spent a lot of time scrubbing toilets at his grocery store job where many of his rhymes were born. He says that when he released his dream of doing music to God, He was able to get new inspiration and God was able to direct his life.

6. Kham

K.h.a.m which stands for “keeping him above me” has a pure and wholesome style. What I like about his rap is that he creates his music around positive and faith-filled vibes. He has a true talent for making catchy and lively beats that you might ordinarily hear on the radio or in the club, but the words behind these beats are clean and uplifting. Do not sleep on this artist.  

7. Jon Keith

At just 21-years-old this artist has the whole package and more. He has hype songs that you can blast in the car like Thass God and thought-provoking songs like One of You where he gets very raw and transparent. What makes this artist so special is his authenticity—he has stage presence, relevance, rhymes, professionalism and most of all he has heart.