6-Year-Old Boy Asks Mom to Make Anti-Bullying Shirt: ‘I Will Be Your Friend’


"I will be your friend," 6- year-old starts anti-bullying campaign shirts from his home.


Nikki Rajahn told her son Blake, who is six-years-old, to pick a design for his t-shirt for the new school year. The message this young boy chose is now inspiring countless with its anti-bullying motto. “I will be your friend” are the powerful words printed on his t-shirt, let’s look at the story.

His mother, Rajahn, thought Blake would want a t-shirt about basketball or football. She told Good Morning America, “He thought a while and said ‘I want a shirt that says ‘I will be your friend’ because I want anyone who has someone being mean to them or doesn’t have any friends to know they have a friend already,”‘

Blake’s mom is incredibly proud of her self aware boy! She is selling t-shirts, just like Blake’s on her online shop, Unfading Adornments. They are selling quickly because of their profound message. A portion of the sales will go to The Real Life Center an organization Blake loves that helps rehabilitate families in crisis.

“At vacation Bible school this summer they had a toothbrush and toothpaste drive for The Real Life Center, that helps individuals and families in crisis get back on their feet with supplies and training for the long term. As soon as he found out about the drive, [Blake] told us we had to go to the store to hurry up and buy some toothbrushes and toothpaste. Blake used all his money—$20—to buy the supplies. My hope for the post is for everyone to know that no matter their age, you can always have compassion and love for others,” Rajahn stated.

What a remarkable way to give back. An incredible story of how we can teach our children to care about others in need of help and support. Sometimes the tiniest phrases or tiniest humans, in this case, can have the biggest impact!