6 Ways to Master Your Sweet Tooth




6 Ways to Master Your Sweet Tooth


Let's be honest—we all eat a few too many sweets. Here are six great tips for mastering your sweet tooth and still finding plenty to enjoy every day.

How’s your relationship with sugar? Are sweets like a casual acquaintance you enjoy on occasion? A bestie you touch base with daily? An addiction that’s killing you? You are not alone.

Researchers have confirmed the ways that sugar literally changes our brain chemistry, similar to cocaine and other drugs. It’s a terrifying reality that our doctors and mothers can’t stop talking about. But they’re right. The resulting health issues from consistently consuming high-sugar diets has us all looking for ways to reduce our desire for and dependence on the sweet stuff.

Taming the sugar beast and satisfying your cravings is not impossible and simpler than you might imagine. You just need to start with a plan. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is true when it comes to curbing your sweet tooth. Plan ahead for success. The first task on your new to-do list? Learning to read nutrition labels.

There are more than 50 names that manufacturers use to hide sugars in everyday foods and drinks. Talk about masters of deception! And they aren’t just in candies and baked goods; check healthy-looking items as well, such as fruit juice, protein bars and yogurt.

Once you know what you’re looking for, remove those temptations. That means no more candy in your desk drawer or ice cream strategically waiting for you in your freezer. To avoid feeling deprived, stick with healthier sweeteners and fresh fruit, which is nature’s sugar, to satisfy your sweet tooth or cravings. You can also add healthy fats and protein to your snacks to help curb cravings.

Don’t do this alone! Grab a buddy (or two) who’s ready to reduce sweets with you. You can celebrate your successes together and encourage each other through setbacks or struggles.

Are you ready to kick your sugar habit to the curb? Watch this video for proven ways to keep cravings at bay and ensure your sugar-busting success.