6 Most-Common Emotional States People Make Bad Decisions from and How to Lookout for Them


Pastor and best-selling author, Kris Vallotton shares the hard truth about bad decisions and the nature of their conceptions.

If we’re honest with ourselves, when we look back over our lives we can see a theme underpinning the bad decisions we’ve made. As it turns out, more often than not, those themes are emotional in nature, and thus fixable for the days and years we each still have before us.

It was this exact topic that Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church and best-selling author, took to social media to discuss earlier this month.

In his poignant post, Vallotton shared the hard truth about bad decisions and the nature of their conceptions. In his post, he pointed to the key six emotional states that almost always give ground to poor decisions when we’re not on guard against them.

Vallotton begins by stating that as he looks back over his life, he realizes his worst decisions were always made in the heat of one of six specific and destructive emotions.

“I look back over my life and realize that I have made my worst decisions when:”

  1. I am scared.
  2. I am bored.
  3. I am hurt.
  4. I am tired.
  5. I am jealous.
  6. I am angry.

Simple truths that are rich in context, yes, but even richer when applied to the belief that “knowledge is power.” Power to overcome, power to understand when one or more of these emotions are biting and baiting and power to disarm them through the equipping and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Next time you’re scared, tired, jealous or hurt lean into the Lord for His comfort at that moment instead of taking action in the natural. I heard someone once say that anytime they felt one of these emotions, they were quick to pray, “Comfort me Holy Spirit.” For they recognized that the emotion itself didn’t need to be placated, but instead was a warning sign indicating a heart that needed comfort from the only true source of contentment and healing, God Himself.