6 Miraculous Medical Recoveries That Science Cannot Explain


These medical miracles will leave you grinning ear-to-ear or needing a box of tissues, promise.


1. Miracle 23-week preemie

Jennifer Fresneda was only 23 weeks pregnant when she rushed to the hospital with labor pains. She had a spontaneous placental abruption, which means her placenta had separated from her uterus. The only thing that could be done to save her baby was an emergency C-section. After the C-section, baby Sam was immediately rushed to the NICU. Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes when she met her baby, “He was the tiniest thing, hooked up to all these wires.” The chances of a baby surviving at 23 weeks is so small that it hasn’t happened in years. But tiny Samuel was a fighter and held onto life. He was even able to leave the hospital four months later—a day before his actual due date!

2. Marathoner miraculously saved by ‘angels’

When Rand Mintzer started running his 25th marathon he wasn’t feeling his strongest. The feelings of lightheadedness and nausea grew until the 58-year-old collapsed at mile 15 in full cardiac arrest. Miraculously, there were some quick thinking spectators (called his “angels” by Mintzer) who jumped in and gave him CPR before he was rushed to the hospital. Thanks to his angels and doctors, Mintzer has made a full recovery. He now regularly volunteers to encourage all to learn CPR. You never know when it might let you be the angel someone else needs. 

3. She beat the odds to walk again

Katie Vacek’s life changed forever when she fell 20-feet from a tree she was climbing while on a nature walk. The formerly active high school athlete suffered a fractured sternum, multiple broken ribs, a partially collapsed lung and a broken spine. Doctors told her she may never be able to walk again. But Katie was determined, not only would she walk again, but she would dance at her prom. Thanks to a dedicated physical therapy team and a special harness, Katie and her boyfriend danced at their prom. Not only that, they were voted prom king and queen!

4. Most people don’t survive what she went through 

When a bad fall from a golf cart put Jennifer Beaver in the hospital, the prognosis wasn’t good. She had landed on her head and had a massive brain bleed. Doctors were forced to remove half her skull in surgery to alleviate the pressure. The majority of patients who suffer massive brain trauma do not survive, yet week by week Jen slowly improved. Her Doctor reports that when he’d examine her he’d “get emotional seeing how she’d improved beyond anyone’s hopes or expectations.” Jen is now back at work and has incredibly suffered no significant deficits. 

5. While he restored the church, God restored him

When Greg Thomas found out he had inoperable cancer, his one prayer was this, “Before I leave this earth, Lord, I’d like to do something for you.” This led Thomas to begin a process of restoring a century-old church near his home in rural Minnesota. His deal with the church leaders was that he would fix the deteriorating church if they would give him a key to come in and worship anytime he wanted. Day by day, as Thomas worked on the church, he felt his physical body growing stronger and stronger. As he continued to restore the church, he himself was restored. One day, doctors gave him the startling news that his tumors were shrinking. And now, over four years later, Thomas’s tumors are gone and he is in total remission. 

6. Saved by a parents love 

Twins, Jamie and Emily Ogg, were born 14-weeks early and weighed a tiny two pounds each. Emily stabilized, but baby Jamie was struggling. As his heartbeat grew fainter, doctors told his parents to prepare to say goodbye. The couple wanted Jamie to feel their closeness and know they loved him, so they asked doctors if they could hold him in those last precious moments. As they held him close and talked to him, something remarkable began to happen. Jamie gasped for air and suddenly began breathing normally on his own. As his parents looked on in wonder he reached out his tiny hand for his father’s finger. Jamie is now a healthy eight-year-old, saved by the healing touch of his loving family.