5 Ways Science Proves God Exists


Author and astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross joins "The 700 Club's" Pat Robertson to discuss the latest scientific discoveries that point to God.

CBN sat down with author and astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross recently to discuss the latest scientific findings that point to there being a creator. Once a staunch believer in traditional evolution, Ross has since dedicated his career to using science to prove that there is a creator behind the elaborate and preciseness of our universe’s vastness.

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We encourage you to listen to the whole interview, but here is a brief overview of the profound ways science sings of God’s lavish goodness and undeniable exsistence.

The EXACT precision of the earth’s weight and size

While sharing on the vast weight and size of our planet and the universe The 700 Club‘s Pat Robertson asked Dr. Ross, “Your book basically said that God the creator made all that trillions of [stars, matter, etc.] out they’re there to support this tiny little planet that we’re on.”

Confirming this bold notion, Dr. Ross states, “There wouldn’t be planet earth if the universe wasn’t exactly that size. Make it bigger or smaller, you don’t get life. It’s got to be exactly that size.”

“Exactly that size?”

“Yes, given the laws of physics the mass of the universe must be exquisitely fine-tuned. The dark energy has to be fine-tuned even more. In fact, that ranks as the most spectacular fine-tuning design we can measure anywhere in science.

Science proves we are the pinnacle of God’s creation

Even more astonishing, Dr. Ross boldly shares how science shows that humans are indeed the pinnacle of God’s creation. “Every component of the universe, every event in the history of the universe must be exactly the way it is in order for billions of human beings to be living in a situation where they can be redeemed from their sin. The whole universe is designed with redemption in mind. When you look at the bible, it tells us God begins His works of redemption before He creates anything. So, every part of God’s creation is for the purpose of our redemption.”

We need each and every one of the 94 scientific elements in order to live

“The mass of the universe must be exquisitely fine-tuned to get 94 naturally existing elements in the periodic table. And we need every one of them for advanced life to be possible.”

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Our bodies, for example, are comprised of 22 elements. “And many of those elements are what we call ‘vital poisons.’ If you’ve got too much in your body they will kill you. If you’ve got too few in your body, it will kill you. They have to be exactly at the right level and we happen to be living in the one body in the universe where everything is exactly at the right level.”

Light allows us to ACTUALLY see the universe being created

Out of billions of years, “We’re at that one time where we can see the entire history of the universe and directly witness the cosmic creation event.” How? By the velocity of light! “We can now look so far away, we can actually watch the universe being created. We can actually get data from our telescopes that tells us the conditions of the universe when it was infinitely younger than just one second old. “That’s how close we can get to the cosmic beginning.”

Science now proves that time HAD to be created

Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose “came up with the first of the space-time theorems which shows that there must be a causal agent beyond space and time that created everything.” Hawkings told Reader’s Digest that he and Penrose had proved that time had a beginning. “That’s what’s unique about the God of the Bible. The gods of the other religions create within space and time. The God of the Bible creates independent of space and time. And now we have theorems that actually prove that.”