PRAY: 46 Newborns Lie Stranded in Ukrainian Hotel, Biological Parents Desperate to Be United


A recent video shows the harrowing reality for 46 infants born via surrogacy in Ukraine waiting to meet their biological parents after lockdowns are lifted.

Close to 50 surrogate newborn babies have been stranded in a Ukrainian hotel amid the coronavirus lockdown with no certainty of when they will be in the loving arms of their biological parents. And while this news is heartbreaking enough, there is now a video that makes the reality all the more shocking.

In a video released recently by BioTexCom clinic, Surrogacy: Babies are Waiting for Their Parents, 46 infants lay side-by-side, row-by-row in a tiny dormitory room at the Venice Hotel in the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv. The site is jarring and all too real.

Each of these 46 babies was conceived via surrogacy in a much simpler time void of a worldwide pandemic to parents from the United Kingdom, America, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Germany, China, Mexico, Romania and other countries, the DailyMail reports.

The parents of each child paid thousands of dollars, some tens of thousands, to see the dream of having a child realized, but are now tragically unable to collect them due to the COVID-19 outbreak forcing Ukraine’s borders closed. Most parents have only met their newborns through video calls and pictures provided by the clinic.

“Rafa Aires from Spain managed to get in before the lockdown. He was united with his daughter Marta but cannot leave as Kiev has suspended almost all flights and he needs to finish the paperwork,” Reuters shares. Aires affirms that all nurses and personnel in the clinic’s hotel are wonderful and trying their best to make the most of an extremely unfortunate situation for all.

BioTexCom’s video shows rows of crying infants “being cared for by staff but the images have alarmed the human rights ombudsman for the Ukrainian parliament, Liudmila Denisova,” MSN News states.

Denisova said the video reveals that the country had a “massive and systemic” surrogacy industry where babies were advertised as a “high-quality product.” She desires to look “into changing the law to allow only Ukrainian parents to use such services,” Reuters reports.

Despite this, BioTexCom tried to comfort desperate parents in their video explaining that each baby is diligently being cared for 24-hours a day by a team of qualified nurses and doctors:

“Every day they spend some time with the children in the open air and bathe them…We show [the] babies to [their] parents online and our managers arrange calls…It is necessary for us to inform parents about how much their babies eat, how they sleep and what their weight is…It is heartbreaking to see how [much] parents miss their little ones. We wish they were allowed to pick up their children soon.”

We wish that too. Please join us in praying for these families as they are experiencing an agonizing separation. Pray that Holy Spirit would comfort each of them and sustain them.