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Lessons from ‘Saved by the Bell’ That Actually Still Influence Us

"Saved by the Bell" taught me some invaluable life lessons—all of which are still influencing my decision-making process today.
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Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of dirt before you can find that brown-bleached-blond nugget waiting to make your idea a freaking mall tour success.

Was there a more revolutionary, before-its-time-television-show than “Saved by the Bell?”

Growing up, watching “Saved by the Bell” was like eating a 1lb bag of M&M’s: You couldn’t help but devour the whole thing, even if it made you feel a little nauseous and too ashamed to tell your friends.

But apart from the Jessie “I’m so excited” episode, the show clearly taught us vital life lessons that are still changing our lives today.

1. Friends are, in fact, "forever"


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Zack Attack sang the truth. Making and keeping friends can often feel harder than Slater’s biceps, and there will be those moments when your friendship bracelets become love cuffs, but when your principal puts you in the hospital or you’re a credit short from graduating, who’s going to come to your rescue?

“Saved by the Bell” Life Lesson: No matter how tempting it can be to scrap your friends for a cute blonde or a red convertible, never forget that a little help from our friends can go a long way.

2. If at first you don't succeed, then cut, add and try again

Did you know “Saved by the Bell” was canceled after just 13 episodes? Well, that’s not exactly true… “Good Morning Miss Bliss,” which centered around the life of a teacher in Indiana with some students as side-characters, was canceled after 13 episodes. The Disney Channel sold it to NBC, they tweaked it, focused on the students instead and tried it again, rebranding it as the “Saved by the Bell” we all know and love.

“Saved by the Bell” Life Lesson: Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of dirt before you can find that brown-bleached-blonde nugget waiting to make your idea a freaking mall tour success.

3. Know when enough is enough



“Saved by the Bell: The New Class.”

Enough said.

“Saved by the Bell” Life Lesson: If you’ve already been “saved” once, don’t get greedy and think you can successfully refresh again.

4. Love wins

Oh, Kelly and Zack. No matter how many times their parents, friends, jocks or sleazy Jeff’s with their slick hair and cheating ways tried to step in between them, true love always won. Zack and Kelly rode off into the sunset, a Vegas-made-for-TV-wedding-movie cementing their bond for eternity. Shakespeare would’ve been proud.

“Saved by the Bell” Life Lesson: When it looks like your love-life is going to be canceled, who knows, maybe The Executive Producer is working on your Vegas Wedding made-for-TV movie.

Thank you Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Lisa, Screech, Mr. Belding and Peter Engel Productions for the courage to teach us all about life and so much more. I’m alright, only because I was “Saved by the Bell.” Weren’t we all?

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