3 Ways to Keep Your Faith Alive in the Workplace


Often our mindsets shift when we go to work every day. That's not to say we stop believing in God, but at the same time, the application of faith dissipates during most work settings. Here are three ways to keep your faith alive in the workplace.


My older sister, Lauren, starts her day rather early, waking up before five, getting ready, and then heading to work. I’m fairly certain she arrives first to the office, and she likes it that way, too, as she loves the peace and quiet in the early hours of the morning.  

As an accountant, my sister spends her days in deep, concentrated thought, so that she can give her clients accurate results and quality documentation. Her job leaves little room for error, and although that overwhelms me, she happens to handle her lofty responsibilities with grace and a clear head.

If you haven’t realized, I deeply love and admire my sister.

She is brilliant, humble and hard-working. More importantly, she is a shining example of God’s word. Not only do I know the ins and outs of her work schedule, but I have also observed her behavior at work, too, as I’ve popped up on her from time to time and randomly called her via Facetime (the way an annoying little sister would during her older sister’s busiest hours). During those moments, I’ve noticed something remarkable and rather special—my sister does her best to keep her faith alive in the workplace.

Through my sister’s shining example, I’ve discovered three ways that I, too, can keep faith alive in work environments.

  1. Be joyful—Of course, no one is happy all the time, but there is a difference between forcing outward happiness and displaying a spirit engrained in joy. Joy is rooted in Christ, and when a person is joyful, they often break free from anxiety and negative focuses. Choose to spread joy in your workplace by interacting kindly with your coworkers and cheerfully encouraging others, too. Joyfulness is a fantastic way to keep faith alive in the workplace, as you consciously decide to be a walking example of God’s spirit.
  2. Forgive—Mistakes and shortcomings happen to the best of us. Whether you miss the mark on a group assignment, or you forget something of importance at work, we’ve all messed up in a professional setting. After all, we’re human, and perfection is impossible to attain, no matter how hard you work. So, if you’re seeking to exemplify evangelism in the workplace, be sure to show forgiveness. Let go of a grudge you’ve been holding against a coworker and release the anger you’ve felt about a project gone wrong. He called us to forgive, and that includes within the workplace.
  3. Do your best—Employees across the world have different bosses and managers, but believers acknowledge that God is the ultimate boss, and not in an aggressive or merciless way, either. Everything we do, whether at home, among friends or in the workplace, is to reflect the glory of God. No matter your profession, your work is to reflect God’s goodness. Do not carry this responsibility lightly. When you’re working on a task or fulfilling your professional obligations, be sure to do your best and pray that God blesses your work, every day. In doing your best, you are glorifying the talents and gifts He specifically placed inside of you.