3 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing in Order to Grow in Christ


Seeking to deepen your relationship with Christ? Here are three things to focus on doing less of to aid in your pursuit.


As believers seeking closer relationships with God, we often make mental to-do lists as to how we can increase our faith. From praying more often to joining ministry groups to reading devotionals to studying the Bible, it’s easy to pinpoint ways to do more in terms of deepening our faith. However, have you ever stopped to think about what you should not do as a Christian?

As born sinners, amid our walk with Christ, we tend to fall into old traps that hold us back walking in purpose. In knowing that, we must not only be intentional about deepening our relationship with Christ but also keep in mind what we should avoid and do less off. With that said, the following are three things Christians should consider doing less of to become stronger believers and contribute to a more authentic, faith-filled culture.

1. Comparison

“His life seems perfect.”
“Her body is more fit than mine.”
“Their success surpasses ours.”

Have you said those phrases, or something along those lines, a time or two? The truth is, people fall into the comparison trap, and it’s usually because they compare their life to a picture-perfect snapshot of another. Sometimes, people compare themselves to feel better about their life or circumstances. In other instances, people compare themselves to others because they unknowingly allow the enemy to infiltrate their mindset and convince them that God is not all-powerful, fair or loving. Regardless of the reason, Christ saved all of us! You were created with purpose, and He called you and only you to live your life. Praise His name and give Him glory through thanks and joy, not comparison.

2. Worry

My mom always used to tell me to control what I can control and leave the rest to God. I love that piece of advice. Not only do I live by that motto, but I also share the same advice with loved ones, too, especially when I know they’re staring at their problems rather than focusing on God. Worry is wasteful, and while we may know that, that does not necessarily mean we stop worrying altogether. Between finances, relationships, health issues and the other concerns of the world, your mind tends to wander to the negative and unknown. However, when you worry, you give your time and attention to situations that you should be giving to God. Stop focusing on your worries. Instead, focus on the Lord because there is nothing too difficult, big or impossible for Him to handle.

3. Gossiping

Simply put, stop gossiping.

I know, I know—you may have heard a juicy tale or shocking story or maybe someone shared something in confidence with you. Regardless of the circumstance, practice Psalm 34:13 at all times: “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.” Gossip not only hurts others but gossip also hurts Christianity as a whole. It hurts our testimony regarding who we serve, why we serve Him and what we want for our lives. Before repeating something about someone else, ask yourself if it’s kind and necessary. Remember, if someone is willing to listen to gossip, they are more than likely willing to spread it, too. Stop the toxic cycle of gossip. Share your words with love rather than wounding others with the tongue.