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It’s a DeLIGHTful 25 Days of Christmas


Christmas is here and what better way to get into the spirit of the season 
than with 25 Days of Christmas cheer guaranteed to brighten even the coldest of days.
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In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we can easily forget that the season is about more than gifts, tinsel-covered trees and perfectly decorated sugar cookies. We can overlook the wonder and merriment that is the essence of Christmas—the very promise of new life. So, as you set about creating—and checking-off—that Christmas to-do list, don’t forget to add a daily heart-affair with our 25 Days of Christmas.

That’s right! For 25 Days of Christmas, LightWorkers has curated a special feel-good feed of content just for you. We selected our merriest and brightest, from seasonal feel-good stories, to uplifting pieces that will have you full of hope, exuding joy, bursting with DIY projects and captivated by all the seasonal vibes you could want and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this wonderous calendar of daily Christmas treats or come back each day for a special gift of holiday love packaged just for you.


DAY 1. The Perfect Christmas DIY Gift: Bath Bombs

Looking for the perfect Christmas DIY gift? Or just keen to start Christmas off right? Either way, get started with this oh-so-relaxing gift box featuring lavender and peppermint bath bombs to unwind with a soothing, aromatic, bath!

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DAY 2. Delivering Hope and Christmas Cheer Through Free Burritos

Share A Meal food truck in Los Angeles brings hope to those in the city who need it most by feeding the body and the soul, one burrito at a time.

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DAY 3. Craft On with Holiday Inspired Table Runners

Package some fun with your kids using DIY nature paint stamps. Use fruits and veggies to “produce” works of art that are sure to brighten your Christmas.

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DAY 4. These DIY Marbleized Gift Bags Just Elevated Your Wrapping Game

Who doesn’t love an easy, fun and inexpensive DIY that will make your gift wrapping the envy of all this Christmas? Here’s the newest DIY to try with supplies that you probably already have around the house.

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DAY 5. How to Really Wrap a Gift

Have a mountain of gift wrapping but lack the expertise to tackle gift-Everest efficiently and beautifully? Not to worry, in this episode of Can-Do-Able we have the 1-2-3’s of brilliant and easy wrapping to get you started—and finished—in no time.

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DAY 6. Must-Shop Gift Guide Round-Up

Christmas is here and it’s time to fill those online shopping carts! We took the guesswork out of your shopping this year with these nine helpful lists for all the special individuals in your life.

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DAY 7. Package That Christmas Wonder with Explore Bottles

Grab a bottle and fill it with fun. Mix and match different elements to make DIY explore bottles for hours of kid-worthy discovery this holiday season. Just shake, rattle and explore!

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DAY 8. Niecy Nash Shares on Finding Joy Through Life’s Ups and Downs

Emmy Award-Winning host, actress and comedian, Niecy Nash shares how to find joy. No matter your pain, you can always find the blessings!

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DAY 9. The Dream Center—Where Hope is Found

Despite life’s obstacles, there is always hope. Through the help found at The Dream Center in Los Angeles, those once struggling with addictions are dreaming again.

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DAY 10. Underrated Christmas Songs to Spice Up Your Holiday Playlist

It’s finally here: the yuletide merriment of Christmas! And with it, the much-anticipated Christmas songs. Here are five underrated holiday songs to spice up your playlist.

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DAY 11. Is the 'Meaning of Christmas' Is Losing Its Place in Secular America?

Does the meaning of Christmas still matter when everyone can create their own meaning? Let’s find out.

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DAY 12. How to Establish Healthy Gift Giving for Your Family This Christmas

Navigating the material expectations that surround Christmas can be overwhelming with little ones. Here’s how to establish healthy gift-giving practices this holiday season.

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DAY 13. Celebrating the Importance of Family

Drop the beat on what it means to be a husband, a wife, a mother and a father. With commitment, love and respect at its core, here’s a “wrap” on family.

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DAY 14. Power of Positivity: Lessons to Transform Your Life

Want a better outlook this holiday season? It’s all about what you let in. In this episode of Stay Coached, Nathan Pirtle talks practically about how to make positivity a part of your everyday.

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DAY 15. How to Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

As parents, how do we start planning the traditions that will form the anchoring memories of our children’s childhood? Here are some helpful questions to get you started.

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DAY 16. Forgiveness Could Be the Gift You’re Looking For

There’s no better time than Christmas to give the gift of forgiveness. Author Michelle McKinney Hammond lays down key advice on how to forgive well so you can be well.

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DAY 17. Are 'Sound Baths' the New Must-Have Gift?

Sound bathing is the new unconventional spa treatment that has everyone talking. Our staff took the “plunge” for you, and you have to see the verdict!

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DAY 18. Healthy Low-Cal Vegan Eggnog Smoothie

If we knew that low-cal eggnog tasted this good, we would have begun making this drink for every Christmas years ago. And it also prevents weight gain! What?!

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DAY 19. How to Master the Perfect Christmas Cheese Plate

Mastering a cheese plate can be as ch-easy as 1,2,3! Follow these steps to craft a plate that’ll have everyone oohing and aww-ing in no time.

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DAY 20. Kay Warren on Hope Amidst Grief

Kay Warren’s worst fears came true when her son committed suicide in 2013. In its aftermath, she found comfort in a future hope amidst her grief.

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DAY 21. Music Made This a Timeless Romance

Throughout their marriage and her battle with Alzheimer’s, music was always a source of joy for Steve and his wife. Singing united them early on and provided sweet comfort up to her last breath. Even now, Steve carries on the bond.

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DAY 22. How to Start Mindfully Creating Your New Year’s Resolution

Christmas is here but we’re already thinking about all the potential 2018 has to offer. Now is the time to start mindfully planning your new year’s resolution.

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DAY 23. Get ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ with This Party Playlist

Entertaining guests for a holiday party? Here’s the perfect playlist with a blend of classic and contemporary to fill your space with the Christmas spirit.

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DAY 24. This Is How to Really Celebrate the New Year In

Celebrate celebration! Brooklyn Wagner talks about the importance of celebration and shares her best tips on honoring yourself and your friends.

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DAY 25. A Real-Life Christmas Angel: Free Necessities for Struggling Families, Thanks to This Teen

When her family was struggling, Katelyn Darrow’s community came to their aid. Now she’s helping other families in need by providing free clothing and shoes.

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