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15 Reasons Why Growing up in the ’90s Was the Best


Here are some of the best things that we all can appreciate from growing up in the '90s.


I’m pretty sure us ’90s kids perfected the art of TP-ing, which as we all know, was no easy task.

We all tend to feel nostalgic about the particular decade we grew up in.

Those years when you started to figure out what you liked and didn’t like, where you had your first taste of fashion and began to form real friendships. It’s a time that molds us and we look back on it fondly. There are so many iconic toys, television shows, fashion statements and more that made growing up in the ’90s an extra dose of fun.

Here’s some of the best things that rocked in the ’90s:

1. Mixed Tapes

What a shame to know that our kids won’t know the incredible rush that came from pouncing on the radio in time to record 95% of “Everybody Dance Now.” Or to finally snag “Smells Like Teen Spirit” only to have your tape end half-way through.

2. Slap Bracelets

When will we ever again be able to slap on fashion?

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Friday had all the best shows. “Family Matters.” “Full House.” “Step by Step.” “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.” “Dinosaurs.” And of course the beloved, “Boy Meets World.” Just don’t ever watch an episode of “Family Matters” or “Full House” now. Remember it as it once was—for nostalgia’s sake.

4. Rise of the Mini-Van

And not these “Super-Vans” kids roll around in these days that will play a DVD whilst feeding you Strawberry Pop-Tarts and massaging your feet. No, we’re talking Astrovan or a baby blue Chrysler Voyager, with a huge dent on the sliding door that would no longer shut all the way.

5. MTV

15 Reasons Why Growing up in the '90s Was the Best

Photo by Katya Havok/

You know, back when Music Television actually played music. Seems strange but I promise it used to be true.

6. MASH (the game)

Take one field-trip to a museum, a pad of paper and a sprinkle of destiny and before you could even exit the bus, you’d have married Frank Willington, birthed 18 kids, bought a shack in Maui and were rocking it as a gold-medalist figure skater. How you managed to birth 18 offspring and still keep your figure-skating-figure is still a middle-school-miracle.

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7. Toilet Papering

I’m pretty sure us ’90s kids perfected the art of TP-ing, which as we all know, was no easy task. This is mainly because the fate of each successful TP-ing depended solely on the most fickle of co-conspirators—your friend’s mom.

Somehow you had to convince your friend’s mom that she did in fact want to take the Astrovan out for a spin at 10 p.m., swing by the grocery store to pick up a six-month supply of toilet paper and then wait in the dark for 45 minutes as your little sleep-over outlaws found a place for all 124 rolls of Downy Soft on your teacher’s giant elm trees.

8. Oregon Trail

“You have died of dysentery” does not sound morbid at all, but only stirs fond memories of playing the computer game “Oregon Trail.” The journey from Missouri to Oregon huddled around that gray, Apple computer, forging rivers and shooting buffalo, hoping that somehow you and your crush would be the only two to survive the rattlesnake bites and measles.

9. Ska

15 Reasons Why Growing up in the '90s Was the Best

Photo by Katya Havok/

What a privilege it was to be on the forefront of a musical sensation that we knew would never die.

10. Four Episodes of Saved by the Bell—a day!

Watching “Saved by the Bell” was like eating a 1lb bag of M&M’s—you couldn’t help but devour the whole thing; even if it meant you felt a little nauseous and were too ashamed to tell your friends. But all summer long you could count on there being two episodes on TBS and then switch over to WGN for two more episodes.

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11. Carmen San Diego and Where’s Waldo?

Two highly elusive characters that constantly evaded our eyes, but never our hearts. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego, you ask? Oh, I think we both know.

12. The Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64 Evolution

Mario Brothers blew our minds with Mario Brothers 3 and the secret whistles warping us into eternal childlike bliss. Follow that up with Duck Hunt, RBI Baseball, Contra, Tecmo Bowl, then Madden and NHL Hockey. Then progress to Mario Kart and nights of Golden-Eye in your basement looking for the Golden Gun, and you pretty much just described 3,459 hours of our childhood.

13. Real Cartoons

None of this 3-D animated stuff. We had cartoonist labors-of-love in the form of “Talespin,” “Chip ‘n Dales,” “Rescue Rangers,” “Transformers,” “Darkwing Duck,” “Pinky and the Brain,” “Animaniacs,” “Tiny Toons.” The list goes on and on.

14. Hot Pockets

One moment it was filled with pepperoni and cheese, the next you have some Grade C steak and peppers, then maybe eggs and bacon cocooned in bread. The Hot Pocket possibilities and our waistline’s tolerance levels were endless.

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15. The Art of Passing a Note

15 Reasons Why Growing up in the '90s Was the Best

Photo by Katya Havok/

Our kids might not even know what paper is, let alone the accomplishment of passing a note. Getting a thrice-folded piece of paper from one corner of the room to another without your 7th grade history teacher cracking the code, was an act of stealth worthy of James Bond. No cowardly texts under the table for us.

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