11-Year-Old Survives Being Hit by Semi-Truck, Thanks God for Miraculous Recovery


A horrific event that could have ended tragically has a miraculous story as 11-year old Emilio Corrales recovers in one week after being struck by a semi-truck.

A horrific event that could have ended tragically has an unexpected happy ending. 11-year old boy, Emilio Corrales or “Milo” was struck by a semi-truck after falling off his bike into highway traffic. He was riding along the walkway of the highway bridge crossing the Arkansas River according to Christian Post.

The driver of the semi attempted to help the boy after realizing he was struck—as paramedics responded and Emilo was rushed to the hospital.

Emilio suffered severe injuries from a fractured skull to several cuts, bruises and torn ligaments.

Despite his injuries, only a week after the terrifying accident Emilio is being released from the hospital, expected to make a full recovery.

In an interview with KWCH Emilio shared the heart of his miraculous survival, “I’m thankful to God because I didn’t die…I thought I was going to die when I got hit by a semi-truck.”

Emilio’s family, friends and community have poured in support including his wrestling community: “They prayed and believed in me and I’m just thankful for that…”

Oscar Corrales, single father to Emilio started a GoFundMe “Little Man Emilio aka Mio” to help pay for the mounting medical expenses with the goal of reaching $20,000. Corrales notes how his “heart was shattered” after hearing of his son’s accident. He writes, “I’m a single father trying to raise a little money for helping some of this medical stuff and bills and for Emilio transportation.”

Emilio, shared his excitement at returning home with KWCH saying “I’ve just been hurting and now that I’m getting to go home and I’m not as badly wounded, I just feel good.”