10 Ways to Bless Your Pastor and Leaders Year Round


Here are 10 perfect ways to make your leaders and pastors feel more appreciated.


Honoring your pastors and leaders are so important. They work hard and are under a lot more stress than you can imagine. Always be grateful and show your appreciation to your pastors, leaders and mentors.

Here are 10 ideas for how:

1. Take them to lunch

Treat your pastors that are always treating others. Give them true fellowship and friendship in return.

2. Get there early

Offer to help come early to set up on a Sunday. That will bless them if they can get extra time with their family before heading out the door to serve the congregation.

3. Homemade happiness

Make something homemade, like a sweet treat, or a full meal if they have lost a loved one or just had a new baby—or, better yet, just because!

4. Pay a bill

Pastors are often serving others at the expense of their own pocketbook. Find out about a bill that’s been adding stress to their finances and pay for it in kindness with no expectation of a reward back.

5. Vacay mode activated

How about helping your leaders afford a holiday. Most leaders can’t afford a full family vacation, maybe you have a connection to make it happen for them!

6. Bring them a coffee

Everyone loves coffee. And it’s a cute, simple way to show your appreciation. Get their coffee order from their spouse or close friend and surprise them.

7. Grocery goodness

Groceries are a necessary part of everyday life. Giftcards to the grocery store can help your pastor’s family for the week ahead.

8. Write a thank-you note

Handwritten notes are undervalued. Thank your leader with a little note maybe sharing what you learned from a sermon, or thanking them for the worship set that morning that blessed you.

9. Gift card galore

Find out their favorite store or place to eat. Everyone loves a good gift card. Everyone.

10. Sports event support

Bless their kids, too. Go with your leader and their family to a sports event, and go, team, go! Leaders are also parents in need of a good community for their kids to grow up in. Be that for them.

“Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.” Galatians 6:6