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10 Female Speakers Worth Your Time


Whether it be in the work force or in ministry, women are breaking through the glass ceiling in powerful ways. This list of 10 female speakers is sure to bring you inspiration!
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Sometimes when you’re struggling with an issue, it helps to gain perspective from a mentor who you can relate to. Historically, the majority of leadership positions in multiple arenas of society were reserved for men only. Thankfully, women have begun breaking through the glass ceiling in powerful ways, both in the work force and in various ministries. If you want encouragement from a fellow woman—perhaps someone a bit more like yourself—check out this list of incredible female speakers.

1. Christine Caine

Christine is an Australian powerhouse of inspiration. She’s more than just a dynamic speaker. She’s also a modern-day abolitionist as the founder of A21, working to end human trafficking. Check out a recent sermon she gave at Saddleback Church to experience her compelling speaking style. Then, explore her upcoming events to catch Christine when she comes to your hometown!

2. Shauna Niequist

Shauna is a compelling author known for books like her recent best-seller “Present Over Perfect.” Shauna communicates with grace and openness. Her parents founded Willow Creek Community Church, but Shauna has worked to grow her faith beyond what was simply passed down from her parents, nurturing a faith that is very much her own. Check out this Q Talk about the wisdom her mother instilled in her and how that propelled Shauna into her own maturity and wisdom.

3. Bernice King

Reverend Dr. Bernice King is the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and CEO of The King Center. As a minister, she regularly delivers sermons and frequently works to promote non-violent activism. Bernice speaks in Washington D.C. to promote civil-rights policy, on television to honor her father’s legacy, at conferences and in churches. In this sermon, Bernice reflects on the gift of the Holy Spirit and how with Him, you can bring light and hope to the world.

4. Jenny Yang

Serving as World Relief’s Vice President of Advocacy and Policy, Jenny focuses on Congressional engagement to advocate on behalf of refugees. World Relief offers local churches tangible ways to support the world’s most vulnerable communities. If you have a passion to support the vulnerable, you’ll likely love Jenny’s Q Talk on the Bible’s call to welcome the stranger. 

5. Sarah Bessey

Gaining popularity as the Canadian author of “Jesus Feminist,” Sarah’s poetic writing style works to explore and study the many roles of women in the Bible. Through thoughtful engagement and communication, Sarah is both committed to honoring the words of the Bible while also honoring the rights of the women who follow Jesus. Explore her ample sermons and interviews here.

Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to read more Canadian authors and specifically more Indigenous women writers. So many incredible authors coming out of Canada these days but so far my favourites to recommend are “Birdie” by Tracey Lindberg, “The Right to be Cold” by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, and “The Break” by Katherena Vermette. Reading more intentionally has changed my heart and my mind, exposed my own prejudices and ignorance, challenged my thinking. Stories open our eyes like nothing else, eh? For too long I have only listened to one kind of story: it was past time to fix that. I have stacks of diverse children’s books, poetry, art, stories, memoirs here now and I cannot get enough. oh, these writers are reshaping history and future for me. Thankful for the storytellers…they are changing everything word by word for so many of us. It is a small thing but get your library card out or better yet pay cash money for books by diverse storytellers. ???????????? who are you reading these days?

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6. Bobbie Houston

Bobbie and her husband, Brian, are the founders of Hillsong Church. Originally from New Zealand, Bobbie works tirelessly in Australia to expand Hillsong’s global ministries, best known for creating deeply spiritual worship experiences. Leading by example, Bobbie desires for women to feel invited to grow as leaders in their church communities. Take a look at this keynote from Hillsong’s Colour Conference to get a flavor of Bobbie’s inspirational message to her fellow sisters-in-Christ.

7. Holly Wagner

Holly is a tireless visionary working to spread God’s love by pastoring at OasisLA, founding the She Rises conference and authoring a growing library of books. Regularly invited to speak at conferences and on TV, Holly is always able to articulately connect with everyone who hears her speak. Holly’s regular sermons on YouTube consistently offer hope and inspiration.

8. Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah is best known for her stand-up comedy and hilarious “Mad TV” character Bon Qui Qui. Her faith is very important to her and she’s been known to speak at conferences like Jesus Culture. Regardless of whether you catch her doing a killer stand-up set or see her speak at a conference, you’re bound to be in a brighter mood. If you want a taste of Anjelah’s brilliant humor, check out her viral Nail Salon comedy set here.

9. Rachel Held Evans

Rachel is a fierce advocate for the vulnerable. She is acutely aware that sometimes people can desire to worship their perfect Creator, but also need to work through the pain of living in fellowship with imperfect people. She’s dedicated her career as an author and speaker to help Christians move beyond previous wounds. In this sermon, Rachel does a beautiful job of offering unique solutions to keep the church healthy and thriving.

10. Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah is a dynamic motivational speaker and author. The daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, she loves to encourage people to never just settle for safe. Currently residing in LA and co-pastoring One Church, this mother and wife is committed to living out God’s call for ministry in every arena. Check out One Church’s Youtube Channel to explore ample sermons that Sarah has delivered.