10 Biblical Keys for Your Breakthrough


Heidi Baker, one of the greatest apostolic missionaries of our time, shares 10 strategic keys to breakthrough that will encourage you to press in and press on!

Heidi Baker of Iris Global is known as one of the greatest missionaries of our time. “She and her husband, Rolland, are the founding directors of Iris, which began in 1980. They arrived in Mozambique in 1995, after ministering for 12 years in Asia and three years in the UK. Iris now oversees 15 bases worldwide and has planted thousands of churches.” I had the privilege of working under Heidi in Mozambique, Africa—her passion for Jesus, her unhindered service to Him and her love of the poor are contagious and life-changing to all who encounter her.

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Renan Ministries appropriately reports, “The Lord has graced [Heidi and Rolland’s] work by pouring out His healing and miraculous power in village after village [in Mozambique]. The deaf hear, the blind see and the poor hear the good news. Iris Global includes five bible colleges, medical clinics, bush outreaches, church-based orphan care, children’s villages, primary schools, cottage industries, widow’s programs, well drilling projects, missionary training schools, village feeding programs, houses for the disabled and more.”

In the below video compilation from Renan Ministries Heidi shares 10 strategic keys to breakthrough that will encourage you to press in and press on!

Heidi Baker’s 10 Keys to Breakthrough

  1. Pray in the Spirit at all times
    “Whatever I’m doing, I’m praying in the spirit. Quietly! Because I don’t want to be locked up … whatever I’m doing I’m staying with Him and I’m inviting Him into everything. He wants to be invited in.”
  2. Be hungry
    “I’m always stuck to the floor. If God’s pouring something out, I want it! Do you understand the kind of hunger I’m talking about? I’m so desperate [that] if there’s people to knock over, I will knock them over. I don’t care. I don’t care what I look like. I don’t care about anything except Him.”
  3. Supernatural lifestyle
    “We have to feed 10,000 people every day … we’ve got to have a miracle for it to work. So if we run out of money or we run out of gas to cook or we run out of wood to cook on, we pray and every time, I’m not exaggerating … every time, God multiples food for us. If we don’t have it, He [supernaturally] multiples it.”
  4. Die daily
    “[Every day] I lay my life down. I literally get low and I pour myself out in His presence. And I look at how many things I can’t do and how many things He can and I say, ‘God, let your love shine through me and let me be covered in your cloak, covered in your beauty.’ And so, I die, He lives and that’s a glorious thing. And it’s a daily struggle. It’s a daily battle. It’s a daily joy … the more you get in the way, the less He has control … I cry out for His help and I listen.”
  5. Compassion
    “If you have passion for Him, He will give you compassion for others and with that compassion with come power.” 
  6. Never give up
    “If you don’t quit, you win! … Seriously, Jesus says, ‘If you don’t quit, you win!’ So, you just never want to quit worshipping. Never quit loving. Never quit fixing your eyes on Jesus. Just, never never quit. Has anyone ever been tempted to quit? Rolland says we quit about once a day, but we don’t stay quit. We don’t stay quit. We just get up again. We might fall down, but we get up again. We just keep getting up. That’s our secret. We’ve been getting up together for 36 years.” 
  7. Obey
    “And then He sent me to Mozambique by myself, one-way ticket, got the airfare the day before I left. He said, ‘I want you to go with nothing, sit on the street corner.’ So, I just obeyed Him and went … and I’m seeing all these dying children in rags—they’re dirty, they’re dying, they’re sick, they’re sleeping under bridges, I had nowhere to sleep, I didn’t know where to go, I had no money. I had nothing. I’m on the street corner [because] I heard God [say], ‘Go to Mozambique.’ There I am, all alone—Just God and me and these street kids. And He said, ‘Take them home.’ Oh great, I don’t have a home. ‘Yes, Lord!’ He said, ‘You learned about my Kingdom from the poor, now I want you to learn about my Kingdom from the children.” 
  8. You can do nothing without the body of Christ
    “And then I heard God, ‘You can do nothing without me.’ I know that [Lord] … ‘Jesus we can do nothing without you.’ But He said, ‘You can do nothing without the body of Christ.’ 
  9. Grow down—become like a child
    “The Western world … so often they are not childlike. They’re complicated. They want to grow up and be somebody. Our goal is to grow down. Our goal is not to grow up, our goal is to grow down. Our goal is to be in the lowest place where the river [of God] flows … to give our life for love.” 
  10. Love Jesus
    “The only way I can explain it is if you have ever fallen in love with another human being … would you not want to be with them all the time? Would you not want to be connected with them and in communication? Wouldn’t you just want to be connected all the time? This is what is offered to us … once you’ve stepped in and you taste the glory of His love, the glory of His presence, you don’t want to be anywhere else.”