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No Matter What You’re Going Through, Here are 5 Scriptural Prayers for All Situations

Man Kneels in Pouring Rain to Pray as Processional for Fallen Police Officer Passes

‘I Just Saw Jesus on the LA Metro Red Line’: Most Tangible Demonstration of Christ We’d Ever Seen

Park Ranger Tenderly Comforts Gorilla That Just Lost Its Mother

The Face of the Coronavirus: Chinese Doctor Says Goodbye to Wife, Leaves to Treat Victims in Wuhan Outbreak

Adopted Son Repays Poor Couple Who Took Him in by Giving Them Their Dream Life, Credits God

‘I’m Sorry, I’m Trying’: President Trump Apologizes at National Prayer Breakfast, Leans Into God’s Grace

‘There’s Obviously Someone Bigger Working in Your Life’: Judge Sets Man Free After Stunning Conversion

‘Under God Indivisible’: Chris Pratt Launches New Production Company With Unique Mission

Pope Reveals 3-Word Prayer That ‘Gets God’s Attention’

6 Bands You Didn’t Know Are Christian

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How Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Were Miraculously Reunited

Did You Miss This Super Bowl Commercial All About C.S. Lewis’ ‘Agape Love’ Teaching?

World-Famous Soccer Stars Get Baptized, Share Testimony With Their 19 Million Followers

A Miracle of Supernatural Proportions: Did This Couple Just Capture a Giant Angel on Camera?

Homeless Man in Tears as Rugby Fan Uses Spare Ticket to Take Him to Coveted Match

Disabled Woman Tells Her Mom ‘I Love You’ for the First Time

REVIVAL IN IRAN: Millions Accept Jesus, Now Fastest Growing Underground Church

After 5 Years Justin Bieber Drops New Album, Announces It With Extravagant Praise to God

Poor Elderly Woman With No Electricity Reads Bible Faithfully Outside Her Hut, Image Goes Viral

Need Help Raising Your Kids Screen-Free? Parents Turning to ‘Screen Coaches’ for Help

Faith Leader Prophesied Kanye West’s Radical Salvation 4 Years Ago, Now Predicts This About Trump

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New Study Reveals What American Pastors Are Actually Concerned About: The Insights Will Surprise You

Elephant Herd Walks Over 12 Hours to Mourn Human Rescuer Who Passed Away

Are You Quitting Right Before Your God-Sized Breakthrough? How to Know for Sure

Top Health Trends for 2020 That You Need to Know About

If Jesus Was Without Sin, Then Why Did He Get Baptized by John the Baptist?

Tim Tebow’s ‘Night to Shine’ Dubbed a ‘Worldwide Phenomenon’ Due to Astonishing Growth

Meet the Ones Risking Everything to See Revival in Iran: ‘We Offer Our Bodies as Sacrifices’

‘I Need Discomfort or Else’: Stop Praying Away Your Conflict, Your Walk Depends on It

Teen Raised $10k for a Baby Drop-Off Box: Last Week, Newborn Was Left Inside

Oscars Makes History: 2 Performances From Faith Movies Receive Standing Ovations

7 Vital Keys to Better Understand the Bible

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‘Persecuted Even After Death’: Chinese Authorities Have Started Banning Christian Funerals

How Powerful Is Satan? He’s Not Hell’s Ruler, He’s Actually This

Why Are so Many Christian Singles Sleeping Around?

Church Seeks to Attract Younger Congregants by Banning Old People

Brazil’s President Declares Faith in Jesus at Historic Christian Event: ‘Brazil Belongs to God’

Judges Rule Against Kidnapped Christian Child Bride: ‘Unable to Treat Christians as Pakistani Citizens’

Are Churches Too Shallow? 59% of Seminary Students Now Want Nothing to Do With Full Time Ministry

Ex-Witch Finds Jesus, Warns About New Disney Show: ‘It’s Not a Joke…That Realm Is Very Real’

PRAY: Father Loses Entire Family to House Fire After Daring Rescue Attempt, Wife and Six Children Lost

New ‘Adulting’ Course at UC Berkeley Is so Popular It’s Turning Hundreds of Students Away

Trial Begins for Archaeologist Accused of Forging Earliest Portrayal of Jesus’ Crucifixion