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Disabled Girl Abandoned by ‘Ashamed’ Mother Responds with Faith: ‘I Know God Is Good’

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6 Nostalgic Christmas Movies for Kids That You Will Also Enjoy

Mother Carries Dying Baby to Term to Donate Organs, Saves Two Children

Bus Driver Braids Little Girl’s Hair Every Day After Her Mother Dies

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Adorable ‘Comfort Dog’ Assists Veterinarian in Helping Sick, Scared Pets

Boy Born with Half a Heart, Adorably Nicknamed ‘Tin Man’ Is Our Christmas Miracle

15 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Growing up in Church

Daniel Fusco: How to Live Every Day to the Fullest in Christ

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Adorable Dog Diagnosed with Dwarfism Will Stay Puppy-Sized FOREVER

WATCH: Entire Kindergarten Class Shows Up to Witness 5-Year-Old’s Adoption Ceremony

Baby Found in Dumpster Grows up to Be Tech CEO Worth $62 Million

Boy Sent Shoebox to ‘Christmas Child’ in Philippines, 14 Years Later They Wed

Boy and Cow Lose at State Fair, Take a Nap Together and Win Hearts of Millions Instead

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5 Faith-Filled Christmas Traditions That Young Families Can Begin

Why Can’t I Feel God? Answered.

More Texas Children Now Leaving Foster Care Than Entering: Adoptions Hit Record Number

The Biblical Practice of Lamentation: Are You Utilizing It?

2019’s Most-Read Online Bible Verse Revealed

Chef Teaches Inmates How to Cook: Gives Them Skills so They Don’t End up Back in Prison

LightWorkers Devotional with Roma Downey

Devotional: What to Do in a Season of Waiting

Did You Know the Bible Is Read out Loud by Celebrities at Disney World Every December?

Dublin Hires Homeless as City Tour Guides: ‘No One Knows a City Better’

New Fossil Discovery Backs Up Genesis, Indicates Snakes Had Legs

Holy Lands You Need to See Beyond Just Israel

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Bikers Storm Town Looking for Bullied Teen Who Comes out to Face Them

New Study Reveals Surprising Differences Between How Men and Women Read the Bible

The Surprising Reason Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Aren’t Married Yet

PRAY: 4-Year-Old Twins Escape Deadly Crash That Killed Father, Hike for Help

‘We Need Prayers’: Police Officer and Father-Of-Five Killed in New Jersey Shooting

Should Christians Be Offended by the Use of ‘Xmas’? How History Proves It’s Faith-Filled Origins

PRAY: Deadly Volcano Eruption in New Zealand, Many Killed Including American Tourists

‘God’s General,’ Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Dies: Led 79 Million to Christ

Pope Francis Declares the World Is ‘Afraid’ of Real Meaning of Christmas

‘Having Faith Is Not a Crime’: Chinese Megachurch Elder Defiant After Being Sentenced to Years in Prison

Top Theologian Changes Position on When Divorce Is Biblically Okay