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Juneteenth: The Day Slaves Were Actually Free, and Push to Make It a National Holiday

Revival Breaks out at George Floyd’s Memorial: Watch Thousands Respond to Know Jesus

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20 Sumo Wrestlers Heroically Save Woman Attempting Suicide

‘You Just Don’t See Love Like This’: With Months to Live High School Seniors Wed, Cling to God for Healing

7-Year-Old Has Backyard Prom for Babysitter: ‘We Had Everything I Know She Loves’

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A Christian’s Greatest Challenge Isn’t Unanswered Prayer, It’s This

6 Biblical Promises to Cling to When You’re in a Season of Waiting

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PRAY—Fire Chief Battling Cancer, Awaiting New Liver: How to Help

WATCH: Man Finds Abandoned Newborn in His Backseat, Umbilical Cord Still Attached

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How One Man Positively Impacted Segregation Without Even Realizing It

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