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Navigating Fertility Issues? FertilityIQ Offers Incredibly Practical and Scientifically Sound Resources

Francis Chan Announces He and Family Are Moving to Hong Kong as Missionaries

Boy Who Miraculously Woke From Coma Says He Met Jesus: ‘He Held My Hand’

Kim Kardashian Shares How Kanye’s Christian Faith Is Greatly Influencing Their Family

After Unprecedented Success, Lauren Daigle Reveals If She’s Going to Stay a Christian Artist or Not

Is God Really in Control of All Things?

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A Mother, 44, Discovers She Is Vietnamese Woman’s Long-Lost Child: ‘That Was the Last Time I Saw My Daughter’

Humble Man Walks Almost Entire Perimeter of Mexico Saving Countless Sick and Injured Dogs

Image of Jesus Shining in the Clouds Goes Viral

Dancing Priest Busts a Move at School Pep Rally in Viral Video, and It’s Everything!

Single Father Adopts Infant with Down-Syndrome After She Was Rejected by 20 Families

We Dare You Not to Smile: Watch Viral Kid-Parent Duos Dance-Off on Ellen

Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Album Tops Billboard 200

‘A New Wave of Revival’: Thousands Accept Christ at Kanye West’s Latest ‘Sunday Service’

Is This What Heaven Looks Like? Man Captures Phenomenon of Light Pillars Dancing in the Sky

Meghan McCain Shares How Husband’s Faith Has Drawn Her Closer to God: ‘I Need God to Guide Me’

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A Stranger Was Accidently Added to a Bachelor Weekend Invite: They Had Him Come Anyway

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How to Find Peace and Happiness This Holiday Season

Nicole Unice: How to Handle Toxic Relationships from a Biblical Perspective

God of the Impossible: Mary Conceived, Dead Rose, Seas Parted, So What Will He Do for You?

‘I’ll Wait for You in Heaven’: Dying 4-Year-Old Tells Mom Before He Passes Away from Cancer

Pit Bull Drags Baby by Diaper from Burning House Saving Whole Family

17 Key Bible Verses Everyone Should Have Memorized

Celebrity Interviews

Christine Caine: How Only the Light of Christ Can Heal Our Brokenness

As Christians, Should We Still ‘Count Our Blessings’? or Is It a Lost Art Form?

3 Things You Already Have in Your House That Are Good for Your Mental Health

Does God Allow Pain and Suffering, or Is It Our Own Freewill That Does?

Atheist Richard Dawkins Defends Faith: Getting Rid of God Would Cause Huge Problems

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PRAY: Boy, 13, Desperate for a Kidney 3 Years After His Mother’s Murder

The Crucifixion from a Medical Perspective, What Did Jesus Actually Endure?

The Secret Faith-Filled Code Vietnam POWs Would Use While in Captivity and Be Tortured For

What Heaven Is Really Going to Be Like, and ‘Basic’ Isn’t It

Disabled Man Becomes First Person to Be Arrested for Praying in Public in the UK

Man Wakes up After 12 Years in ‘Vegetative State’: Reveals He ‘Was Aware of Everything’

Christian Comedian John Crist Admits to Inappropriate Sexual Relationships, Addictions and Publicly Repents

This Prophecy from 1965 Is Eerily Dead-On and Is Now Going Viral

Baby Who Survived Mexican Drug Cartel Massacre Reunited with Father: ‘She Is a Living Angel’

Microsoft Just Switched to a 4-Day-Workweek, Saw 40% Productivity Boost: Could Your Company Be Next?

Should Christians Care When Other Religions Are Persecuted?