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WATCH: Wrongly-Incarcerated for 37 years, Freed Man Gives Unforgettable ‘AGT’ Audition

65 Churches Unify to Produce Now Viral ‘The Blessing Song’: ‘Young People Lead Resurgence of Faith’

Mother Wakes up From Coma Having Given Birth to Healthy Baby Girl: ‘I Stand in Awe of God’

Former Athiest Lee Strobel Talks About ‘Cultural Prophet’ Ravi Zacharias, Importance of Apologetics

Mother Carries Dying Baby to Term to Donate Organs, Saves Two Children

Christians Capitalize on Mystery Surrounding Kim Jong-Un to Creatively Get Gospel Into North Korea

‘If I Could Go Back…’: Justin Bieber Reveals One Regret About Marriage

Heartbreaking Photo Shows Police Officer Saying Final Goodbye to K9 Partner

FedEx Driver Patriotically Stops Everything to Properly Fold Fallen American Flag

8 Dynamite Christian Vloggers You Should Be Watching

‘Jesus Saved Us’: Christian YouTube Stars Suffer Serious Injuries, Thrown 50ft in Hit-And-Run

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The Radical ‘Gift’ That Changed Everything for Former Heroin Addict, Story Inspires Thousands

A Moment of Light

Devotional: Being a Victor over Victim

Woman Offers to Visit Soldiers Graves for Those Unable to on Memorial Day, Thousands Respond

‘You Just Don’t See Love Like This’: With Months to Live High School Seniors Wed, Cling to God for Healing

WATCH: Little Girl With Cancer Cries for Joy as She’s Reunited With Dad, Viewers Moved to Tears

Mississippi Pastor Wins ‘The Voice’: Brings Judges to Tears Singing ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Woman Got Mocked on Tinder for Wearing This Dress, ASOS Shuts Bully Down by Featuring the Photo

Abducted Toddler Reunited With Parents After 32 Years, Facial Recognition to Thank

Trump Says He’ll ‘Override’ Governors: ‘Allow Churches and Places of Worship to Open Right Now’

‘I’m Here to Kill You’: Woman Escapes Assassin’s Bullet, Saves Man Sent to Take Her Out

Husband Returns from 3 Year Deployment, Finds Wife 7 Months Pregnant with Their IVF Miracle Baby

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With All This Suffering, How Could There Be a God? Tim Keller Responds

7 Things We Say All the Time That Are Actually Biblically Unsound

‘I Join the Thunderous Applause of Heaven’: Touching Tributes Pour in for Beloved Ravi Zacharias

5 Biblical Promises to Strengthen Your Sense of Hope in Any Situation

New Music: Why You Should Be Looking for It and Where to Find It

The Easiest Spiritual Practice Guaranteed to Deepen Your Relationship With God

9 Simple Questions to Test If the Holy Spirit Is Actively Working Through You

10 Practical Ways Parents Can Give Themselves a Break on a Budget

The Real ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Turned 100-Years-Old!

4 Easy Ways to Conquer Stress at Work

8 Tips to Help You Ease Back Into ‘Normal’ Life After Quarantine

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Lead Singer for Well-Known Christian Band Walks Away From Faith: ‘I No Longer Believe in God’

Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Who Disrupted Outdoor Church Service

PRAY: 46 Newborns Lie Stranded in Ukrainian Hotel, Biological Parents Desperate to Be United

‘Witchcraft Is Very Real’: Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Unmasks the Spirit Realm

Microsoft Switched to a 4-Day-Workweek, Saw 40% Productivity Boost: Could Your Company Be Next?

This Prophecy from 1965 Is Eerily Dead-On and Is Now Going Viral

Should Ministers Be Required to Abide by Anti-Discrimination Laws? Supreme Court Will Decide

Why Does God Allow Polygamy in the Old Testament?

US Issues India Government Stern Warning for Extreme Levels of Persecution Against Christians

‘I Was Looking at None Other Than Jesus’: Man With No Brain Activity Returns After Angels Take Him to Jesus

‘Bet You Stay Home Now, You Hypokrits’: Church Burned Down After Refusing to Stay Close