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John Krasinski Rebuts Patritism Critiques: ‘I’ll Always Respect People Who Put Their Lives on the Line’

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Bible Survives Devastating House Fire, Found Inexplicably Opened to This Powerful Verse

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Park Ranger Tenderly Comforts Gorilla That Just Lost Its Mother

Anne Hathaway Gives Up Alcohol, She Doesn’t Like Who She Is When She Drinks

Pope Reveals 3-Word Prayer That ‘Gets God’s Attention’

No Matter What You’re Going Through, Here are 5 Scriptural Prayers for All Situations

‘Hidden Figures’ Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician, Dies at 101: ‘We Will Never Forget’

Adopted Son Repays Poor Couple Who Took Him in by Giving Them Their Dream Life, Credits God

Steve Harvey Brought to Tears After Gospel Singer Prophesies over Him on Air

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Tyson Fury Reclaims Heavyweight Champ Title: ‘All Praise to the One and Only True God, Jesus Christ’

10 Worship Songs Perfect for Quiet Meditation

Dog Independently Takes Bus to and From Dog Park Every Day to Play for Hours

WATCH: Faith Powerhouse Couple Ciara and Russell Wilson Give Stirring Speech That Inspires Us All

A Miracle of Supernatural Proportions: Did This Couple Just Capture a Giant Angel on Camera?

Demi Lovato’s Prophetic Encounter That Launched Her Entertainment Career

Husky Forever Looks Surprised Due to Eye Deformity Will Make You Smile, Finds Forever Home

REVIVAL IN IRAN: Millions Accept Jesus, Now Fastest Growing Underground Church

Military Dad Desperate to Make It Home for His Son’s 4th Birthday, Surprises Him at the Park

American Idol Contestant Prays With Judges: ‘I’m so Grateful God Put You in Front of Us’

Supreme Court Rules to Keep Cross: ‘Religious Symbols Are an Important Part of Our Nation’s Culture’

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Want to Stay Married? Read ‘Eight Dates’

Elephant Herd Walks Over 12 Hours to Mourn Human Rescuer Who Passed Away

How to Become One of the Happiest People in the World

‘I Need Discomfort or Else’: Stop Praying Away Your Conflict, Your Walk Depends on It

Candace Cameron Bure Explains Sin, God’s Righteousness in 30 Seconds

Will you take Francis Chan’s Act 20:24 Challenge?

North Korean Woman ‘Couldn’t Wait Any Longer’ to Be Baptized, Risks Life to Profess Jesus

QUIZ: Were You Emotionally Neglected as a Child? Find out Now

Top Health Trends for 2020 That You Need to Know About

Are You Quitting Right Before Your God-Sized Breakthrough? How to Know for Sure

New Study Reveals What American Pastors Are Actually Concerned About: The Insights Will Surprise You

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Has Rapper Cardi B Had a Change of Heart? Calls Porn Culture ‘Nasty and Weird’

Jesus Also Had Unbelieving Family Members, Here’s How He Responded

A True Story of the Brave Pursuit of Forgiveness and Redemption: ‘Burden,’ a Heart Gripping Film

A Crucial Lesson We All Should Learn About Heaven From ‘The Good Place,’ the Final Season

How America’s Looming Debt Crisis Could Spark The Next Great Awakening

‘We Love You Forever’: Vanessa Bryant Fights Back Tears at Memorial for Kobe and Daughter Gianna

Ex-Witch Finds Jesus, Warns About New Disney Show: ‘It’s Not a Joke…That Realm Is Very Real’

It Only Took One Generation to Plunge Venezuela From Prosperity to Civil War, Could It Happen to Us?

Trial Begins for Archaeologist Accused of Forging Earliest Portrayal of Jesus’ Crucifixion

Judges Rule Against Kidnapped Christian Child Bride: ‘Unable to Treat Christians as Pakistani Citizens’

How Powerful Is Satan? He’s Not Hell’s Ruler, He’s Actually This