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104-Year-Old WWII Hero Is Asking for a Valentine From You: ‘I’ll Save Every One’

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Couple Engages in 100 Mph Chase After Recognizing Kidnapper, 11-Year-Old Girl Rescued

REVIVAL IN IRAN: Millions Accept Jesus, Now Fastest Growing Underground Church

President Trump Pledges to Restore and Protect Prayer in Schools

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‘I Still Believe’ Voted No. 1 Romantic Movie of 2020 By Seventeen Magazine

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Boy and Cow Lose at State Fair, Take a Nap Together and Win Hearts of Millions Instead

World-Famous Soccer Stars Get Baptized, Share Testimony With Their 19 Million Followers

WATCH: Adorable Deer Walks Man Home and Demands Snuggles

National Champ, LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Helaire Praises God as He Declares for NFL Draft

2nd Baby Born in U.S. Thanks to Uterus Transplanted From Deceased Donor

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4 Ways to Get Closer to God If You Don’t Attend Church

LightWorkers Devotional with Roma Downey

Devotional: How to Trust God’s Process

Could This One Reason Be Why You’re Not Walking in Freedom From Sin?

Mark Batterson: Feeling Stuck? Remind Your Circumstances Who Your God Is

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Bible Survives Devastating House Fire, Found Inexplicably Opened to This Powerful Verse

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Science Just Revealed 8 Proven Tips to Raise Happy and Successful Kids

Nicole Unice: How to Work Through Fear in Your Life

Why Catholics Bow Their Heads at the Name of Jesus: Is Reverence Going Extinct?

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Celibacy Debate Aside, Is the Real Problem for the Catholic Church That It Has Two Leaders?

Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About Religion: ‘I Don’t Know How You Can Believe in a God’

TobyMac’s Son Died From ‘Accidental Drug Overdose,’ Rep Confirms

Student Ordered to Remove ‘Virginity Rocks’ Shirt by Middle School or Face Consequences

Autistic Child Gets Detention for Not Being Able to Afford Food and People Are Outraged

Princeton Professor Calls out ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Demands Department of Justice Tackle Porn Epidemic

Lab-Grown Food Will Soon Destroy Farming—and Save the Planet?

‘A National Tragedy’: America Leads World in Single-Parent Homes

‘Not Afraid of Burning in Hell’: President Ronald Reagan’s Son Declares Himself ‘Unabashedly’ Atheist in Ad

Was Jesus’ Name Really Jesus?

Coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Latest News Drastically Different in the U.S. Versus the U.K.