Have We Lost the Meaning of the Word Beautiful?

These days, the word beautiful is becoming more and more frequently used in everyday speech. But are we missing the true value of the word?

We forgot the weight of our footsteps and value our words hold. We let our courage and strength slip out the back door while we turned to unload the dishwasher or brush our teeth.

Beautiful is the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. It’s speaking your mind. Knowing the weight of your own footsteps, and not your torso. Beautiful is knowing you came here to make a difference. Beautiful is being so big and bright that it makes it impossible for people to take their eyes off of you, always making people wonder, What will that one do next?

However, the word ‘beautiful’ is flung from person to person in a shallow exchange of words that is rarely ever truly meant. Beautiful has become a bound-up, broken word in a culture that compares its meaning to thigh size and blemish-free skin. The word has been drained of all the ways to measure beautiful imperfections, and has been replaced with scales and calorie counts.

Isn’t it sad to think we have created this? We have cultivated a culture that is oblivious to the sound of our own laughter. A collective unaware of the sparkle in our eye, and the flush of pink that overtakes our face when we speak on the topics that make their heart race.

We have been convinced we are dainty flowers in a field that simply don’t measure up. We have been told that we must turn our scars into delicate lines of poetry. However, we aren’t often told we are enough. That from the moment our lungs first gasped for air, we were enough. Each one of us born with: courage, zeal, passion, strength and creativity.

Yet somehow, in the mess and busyness of the mundane and everyday we lost the beauty of simply being enough.

Girl in the desert.

We forgot the weight of our footsteps and value our words hold. We let our courage and strength slip out the back door while we turned to unload the dishwasher or brush our teeth.

And because of that we have talked ourselves in circles and turned our words into blanket apology statements. We apologize for showing up messy and without mascara because we believe anything less simply isn’t acceptable. Internally, every time we place both feet on the scale to calculate the weight of our physical body yet synonymously our character and worth, we apologize. We apologize for the fact our skin and bones weigh too much, yet our passions and dreams never fully measure up.

We must stop.

Please don’t say ‘sorry’ any longer for things no human should ever be sorry for. Let’s say sorry when we’ve hurt the ones we love. Say sorry when we’ve really misplaced our words and actions. However, we must stop apologizing for showing up to everyday life. We are not a living, breathing apology letter. No. We are a unique compilation of words and ideas. An old sheet of notebook paper that has been scribbled on and margins written in. Well loved. Eloquent in its own way. A lavishly extraordinary love letter, simply waiting to be read.

Our words are worth speaking. Our heart is worth beating. Our lives are worth fully living. Our songs are worth singing. Our words are worth writing.

Please don’t ever apologize for those things, because they are in their purest form, beautiful.

It will be a slow process, redefining a word that has completely lost its sentiment. Yet, this is a start. Us, right now, together. We are relearning the weight of our footsteps and sound of our laughter. We are learning how to have the courage to show up, unapologetically. And that’s beautiful.